Can Adrian Peterson stop fumbling?

I know college football’s biggest game is in Tuscaloosa this week, but I’m also excited the NFL returns to action. And the biggest game has to be the Minnesota Vikings facing the New Orleans Saints. One big storyline will be how Vikings running back Adrian Peterson handles the football. Without a doubt anyone watching the Vikings play would notice the turnovers. So, can Peterson stop putting the ball on the ground? He thinks so.

According to the AP he said, “Holding it high,” he said Monday. “I found out by studying myself that when I’m going down I kind of brace myself with the hand I’m carrying the ball in, and that’s leaving opportunities for those guys that are reaching and scraping and punching for that ball.”

“Just not brace yourself as much,” Peterson said. “I’m a pretty tough guy, so just keep the ball high and fall down. Like you said, it is all off instinct. But when that becomes a problem, you sit there and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to eliminate doing this.'”

“I look forward for guys to try to tackle me and tackle the ball,” Peterson said. “They might not be on the field too long if they continue to do that.”