Rumors floating about Auburn players, coaches

It seems Jeffrey Lee of is tired of hearing rumors about Jonathon Mincy and Craig Stevens, reminding patrons of “Rule No. 7”:  Do not post negative rumors about players, coaches or recruits.

There are also rumors floating about an altercation involving a coach.

Something went down recently to make the Auburn message board light up like a Christmas tree.  What, you ask?

Could be nothing, but then again…

Stay tuned to find out, but looks like the barn is gonna have a hard time keeping this one down home, “Cuz”.


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  1. 1

    I am sure you are refering to the rumors about Craig Stevens suspension…..We will find out tommorrow , wont we ? And , it all started on….by a closet bammer. Not an Auburn message board.

  2. 2

    Whatever it is. Who cares…Mincy aint worth a shit and Stevens can be replaced easily plus hes a senior. Just making rooom for better players. These two dont matter to me. Bammers are idiots wishing AU will go down. Aint gonna happnen. Only gonna get better

  3. 4

    Mandy…………..You couldnt be more wrong….Mincy yeah, Stevens , no…
    Craig Stevens and Josh Bynes, are two of the most irreplaceable players on our team. I would dare say more important that the QB right now.

    If you cant do any better than that,,,,Im sorry , but your just gonna have to fix me a sandwich honey.

  4. 7

    They are both idiots. Thats why they are suspended if they are. Boot them and let our other players get playing time. Dont fool with this shite. Move on down the f…..road. Our coaches dont have time to be fooling with this nonsense.

  5. 8

    I think Auburn is gonna be fun to watch implode this year. The pressure Bama is putting on them to catch up has got to be hard to handle.

  6. 9

    Mandy………What other players at lnebacker ? We had to move Daren Bates from safety to linebacker becasue we were so thin. No one could fill Stevens shoes on our roster. No one. Not Freeman.No one.

  7. 10

    I know that but let Jessel, Ladarious, some of them that wanna work hard and play come in. Craig must think hes irreplaceable. Chiz needs to boot these idiots that get in trouble and make a statement and I dont mean a ah your suspended for two wks Saban kinda statement either. Im old school and a hard person. I dont put up idiots getting in trouble and excuses for why they did it. F…that.. Another thing, about Cam, if this fool starts over throwing etc. Let Barrett come in. Hes probably a better qb any way. Just a feeling. Nothing against Cam, but if we start losing becuz of him, bench his ass before its to late.

  8. 11

    Literally all I’ve heard in the off season (not necessarily in here but from others) is how completely unstoppable Stevens is, that he could take the field by himself with just a couple of defensive backs to help and stop the opposing offense by himself.

    Losing him is similar to losing Marcel Dareus. The difference is, in Tuscaloosa we’ve stacked 3-4 solid recruiting classes atop the other, so plugging the holes isn’t as difficult. There’s no replacing Dareus, pound-for-pound, but we sure come close.

    In Auburn, one great class doesn’t get it done. Which is why I’ve trumpeted over and over that this season is not going to be the glory season some have said. The expectations have been set so high there’s no way to fulfill them, especially when the coaching staff and marketing network isn’t trying to squelch it. One setback like losing a key defender or playmaker and this paper thin team will curl up like, well, paper.

  9. 12

    First of all……We dont even know if any of these rumors are true. Most likely, they are not. Craig Stevens has not gotten into trouble one time in his 4 years at Auburn. Most likely this all is a bama fabrication, and from all I have heard , it is . Second , you dont know what the hell you are talking about. You are an embarrassment to Auburn, and have no clue about the reality of football. You are already benching Cam and kicking Stevens off the team. For what ?

    Women like you maked a case for taking away your right to vote. Get back in the kitchen woman.

  10. 14

    You idiot Aubie fans better wake up. ive been an Aubie fan all my life, but see Im objective and pessimistic.Chiz tries to tell you morons we have a long way to go. Dont you fools get what hes trying to say? Cam maybe good, I dont f…know. But walking around thinking your all that. He might get a rude awakening when he hits the field vs State and gets his bell rung and his ass knocked out a few times. Then Barrett can do his thing and possibly Clint Moseley. Get mad all you want. I tell the truth. Get over your selves.

  11. 16

    Yes i saw Cam to.Nice charger Cam.But was wondering what was that stack of laptops doing in back seat?? I mean i”m just saying…ROLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  12. 17
    Alex Hamilton

    Who want’s to set the line for the tongue that smells the most like Taint?

    Mandy or Lacy Earps?

    I’ve got $10 on Mandy.

  13. 18

    Mandy…Seriously quit posting here….You are exactly what these people think the stereotypical Auburn fan is. A few posts from someone like you takes years of hard work from someone like me to make up.

    Here is a wake up call Mandy. If Cam were not the best quarterback , he wouldnt be the starter….If Barrett Trotter were the better quarterback, then guess what ? His ass would be the starter…..DUH !!!!!!!!!

    Also, Cam did not get hit on his scooter. That was the dude from Iowa….A bammer wasnt even original enough to come up with his own rumor, so the dumbass pladgerized something that already happened.

    And genius, if Cam gets a wakeup call, it will not be against Arky State…..

    Serously, get back in the kitchen.

  14. 19

    The “E” is silent in Roll Tide. What does it mean when you type it 40 times? It means you are an idiot. But Roll Tide anyway.

  15. 20

    I said State you dumb ass. You think Im heeding to any thing you idiots say over here. I am not a Cam fan. Hes soft. What dam football player would ride a dam scooter but a pussy. Its stupid. The other day Kodi was ask How do you get around campus? Kodi said and I quote I walk. Dont use a umbrella in the rain. You know man stuff. lol. Dont you think he was throwin that at Cam? Your all dumber than a bucket of rocks. I could probably whip all your asses and i only weigh 112 and a female. lol. You idiots bring nothing to the table. Cam probably shaves his private parts. Look whatever gets Auburn to a win man. I got a feeling Cams not it. Hes built like Mallett. That Mf is ugly.

  16. 24

    You were wrong again, Ernie. I mean Crapstone Report. Remember this gem? The Crapstone jumping the gun seems to be somewhat of a good luck thing for Auburn.

    And Mandy, I wouldn’t exactly call anyone ugly or stupid. A female that talks like that has to be as fugly as it gets. There’s nothing more utterly disgusting than the female college football fans I’ve seen in this state that like to mindlessly talk shit and think they have a clue about football. Considering your mannerisms, you most likely have a mustache, pot belly, and smoke entirely too many cigarettes. Do Auburn fans (or Bama fan; whatever you are.. it, err) a favor. Throw the comp out the window, rip the phone cord from the wall, and stay the hell in your single wide and don’t come out. The other guy was being kind. In no way does your hillbilly ass know how to cook.

  17. 25

    Dumbass Rich, that is an opinion based on what I’ve been told about the jerk of an offensive coordinator you have.

    He’d be gone if he got an offer.

  18. 26

    Once again, I wander into the capstone report and find garbage. You people are so silly. How is Mister innocent Dareus doing today? Who will you ass clowns blame for his trip to Florida….eeeeeevil agents again?

  19. 27

    Losing Craig Stevens would be a major blow…I will no act like a bammer spinner and act like it won’t. I truly hope all the rumors are BS.

    Cam soft, Barrett Trotter is the best qb…Mandy, honey you need to go

  20. 28

    Cappy, I do have to say that it amazes me that you will allow someone to post articles on this blog that are admittedly based upon nothing more than rumors on a fan message board.

  21. 29

    Actually, the article is questioning what Auburn’s official Pravda site is doing. That site purposely redacted video of rules violations in order to protect Auburn from the NCAA. Anything that website does should be considered as official Auburn action—until proven the website is an independent operation and not a puppet of the Auburn athletic department.

  22. 30

    And for the record, I consider all the recruiting websites that cover SEC schools to be the same. Some are worse than others, but they all cheer for the teams they cover.

  23. 31

    “Dumbass Rich, that is an opinion based on what I’ve been told about the jerk of an offensive coordinator you have.

    He’d be gone if he got an offer.”

    You may want to look up the definition of opinion, you wrote about a rumor you hope would come true. Jerk or not, how does constitute saying he was going to LA Tech? God you are uneducated.

  24. 32

    Right. I’m uneducated. I spent a decade running a newspaper. I think I know what the hell an opinion is.

    Furthermore, I don’t want that to come true. He isn’t anywhere as good as AU people think. Based on what I’ve been told about him, Malzahn is a cancer on a program. I wish him a long tenure on the Plains.

  25. 33
    crimson hammah

    the au fanbase needs to let mandy leaf au out of the dye-skank fraudulent abyss…she is exposing the kook-aid u have been drinking in willful ignorance.
    and i appreciate cap for not being politically correct in hammering au for what they are.

  26. 34
    crimson hammah

    simple logic would tell u that mandy is hot all mandy’s are hot and at 112 lbs how she could have a pot belly unless she is a super midget and there is no evidence of that.mandy rules.

  27. 35

    A rumor grows legs when it is addressed, and that’s what Jeffrey Lee has done here.

    For example, ask Mike Dubose about “his rumor” that he addressed. That’s the story here…we haven’t reported anything about the specific rumor itself, per se. Yet.

    But I like what I’m hearing.

  28. 37

    So running a newspaper allows you to post gossip type rumors that have absolutely no legs? Gotcha. Funny in the same article about Malzahn, you take a shot at Phillip Marshall for going online, but yet you did the same. I would hope someone with a background in real news would have some journalistic integrity.

  29. 38
    crimson hammah


  30. 39

    It doesn’t matter – there is no depth at Auburn in terms of talent. Anyone could put a body out there and say, “yeah we got backups” – as soon as the injury bug gets to Auburn because they always want that bye week in week 11 for Alabama – Mandy will get her wish as Trotter for the starter. RTR.

  31. 40


    It wasn’t gossip. I’m telling you that the people who KNOW Malzahn from his Arkansas days say the guy is difficult and would run over people to elevate himself.

    Malzahn couldn’t get along with someone who is a real saint—Houston Nutt. Nutt is one of the most honorable, respected and successful coaches in the SEC. If you can’t get along with a great guy like Houston Nutt then something is wrong with you.

    As for Marshall, I’m not attacking him for going online. I’m glad he is online instead of pretending to be a real journalist.

  32. 41

    Yeah, Mani……Cam sure looked “soft”…You are a total rube.

    And appearanly Stevens did get held out. Maybe it will help him in the long run. And Mandi, he would have shut down most of those short slant routes by Arky State….Just so you know….Since uou dont know……anything.

  33. 43

    You gonna see how good we are come Thur night with yo cocky ass. I thought we look like shite. Our defense is a joke. Lets see how good Cammy is when he gets his clock cleaned vs State. BTW you need to use a spell check.

  34. 44

    You’re certainly right about that Mandible. The Barn looked like warmed over shite. That defense couldn’t stop the girls volleyball team. The only thing that makes the Barn look even slightly hopeful is that Florida, LSU and Ole Miss looked even worse. Ole Piss just can’t seem to beat ANY Alabama team can they? Bwaa Haww Haww! Bama on the other hand looked polished and ready for #14. I do believe we have a little depth. Roll Tide Roll!

  35. 45


  36. 46
    Alex Hamilton

    Stevens is out indefinitely for failure to not scream at a coach, er, violation of team rules.

    Maybe Mandible could do the dirty work of ass kissing to get Stevens back on the field sooner.

    Nonetheless, get used to the losses Barners. Miss State has the third best coaching staff in the West and top 6 in the Southeastern Conference. Mullen cannot wait for Thursday Night. He’s going to kick your ass.

    MSU 31 Abarn 10

  37. 47

    There aint no way tha Mandy is an Auburn fan. Mandy , if t=you truly think that Cam looked bad, you are the biggest idiot I have probably ever communicated with. Cam looked very good.

    Craig Stevens would have helped temendously against that slant pss that they tore us up with all night. I guess you didnt even notice that they went to where he was supposed to be all night… Stevens is great against pass protection , and he was missed Sat. night.

    We will beat missy state. Cam will have another huge night. But you still wont shut up because you are stupid.

  38. 48

    Go Bulldogs! I hope State lights Auburn up. If Ark. St. can give Auburn all they want, State should be a juggernaught for Auburn.

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