Auburn football wants attention

“A lot of people overlook Auburn,” Stevens told the AP. “That was one of the most exciting games that week. We played hard and ended up pulling it out in the end. I remember all of us went home and turned on ESPN trying to see the highlights. They showed everybody’s highlights and then they came to us, they just showed scores, no highlights, no nothing.

“At times we feel like we’re overlooked as a team and as players out there. We know as long as we make plays and just continue to do well, sooner or later people will take notice.” (Below you can read the entire AP story on Auburn.)


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    If YOU’VE ever lost your manhood to both Vanderbilt and Kentucky inside a year’s time, yooooou might be a BarnNeck.

  2. 7

    If you have ever trolled the National Champions fan boards, and try to act like your team has done it before, you might just be a BarnNeck.

  3. 9

    Bino….You might be a bammer if you talk badly about your rivals recent lack of succes when you team went 2-6 in 2007 with wins against Tennessee and Colorado. ANd your losses were against the likes of LAMO, Mississippi State, LSU, FSU, Georgia, and Auburn.

    And I would not know what it is like to lose to Vandy and Kentucky in the same year. Inform me when that happened.

  4. 10

    A 27-2 record, a NC and an SEC Championship restores manhood to olympic testosterone levels.How’s your team plan to get theirs back?

  5. 12

    Julia, is that the best you’ve got? You know when that happened? Thats right, the Last Year of the Golden Age of Auburn Football. You were so proud of beating a team that got beat by LAMO. Things haven’t quite been the same since then, now has it? Doesn’t look like they will be that way again soon, either. And all your hope lies on Chizik, the Saban Killer, ha! Bama’s rise to the top really gets to you doesn’t it? Well, ya’ll keep on trying! One day, Auburn might match a 10th of what Bama has done.

  6. 15

    Actually, yes, I am as smart as I thought. It was over a year. Look at the schedules.

    Bino, you know your wrong when Brandi agrees with you.

  7. 16

    Plowboy, it was 2 weeks over a year. Oct.4, 2008-Oct.17, 2009.Now this is even funnier how you BarnNecks will argue such a slight difference, yet Vandy and Kentucky remain revenge games.”Naw man” we never lost to Vandy and Kentucky in one year, It was a year and 2 weeks.” LMAO

  8. 17

    Does not matter.They will always be second to BAMA.Any team that counts on beating BAMA like they do and it does not matter what they did in season is ate up with it.Just beat BAMA don’t worry about other games.Seven and four is about all yall will gander.So get use to it with CHEESE.Just do not see much of a future for you.ROLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. 18

    I remember during the golden age of Auburn football when South Florida came in and slapped the taggers around like a toothless hag in a really bad relationship with her pimp…. Folks around Tampa still laugh abou that one.

  10. 19

    Not as much as the folks in Monroe, La still laugh about bi+ch slappin’ the tide in tuscaloosa. South Fla was actually ranked 2nd in the BCS poll at midseason that year. La-Mo lost that year to Tulsa by 18pts, Troy by 17 pts, North Texas by 10 pts, Middle Tenn by 3 pts, and Dennis Fran coached TAMU by a razor thin margin of 54-14. Talk all you want to about UK and Vandy. No shame in losing to an SEC team. Losing to a Sun Belt Team that got blown out by Troy??? Now that’s humiliating beyond words.

  11. 20

    It is funny how these toothless tards bring up the past, and then forget the past when it applies to them.

    Did Bama even beat a team Louisana or Mississippi in 07 ? Again, your team went 2-6 in 07. Suck on that one elbino.

  12. 21

    Well, BP how well has your team done in the past two years? Or do you still want to talk the glory days when Tubbs was still around?

  13. 22

    brandii, tmc was the one that brought up 2007 not BPI genius. God knows bammers don’t want to talk about anything between the years 1997 to 2008.

  14. 23

    Tubbs left the cupboard more bare than Alabama at the height of its probation. Dont believe it ? Look at the # of scholarship players that we had on roster at the end of 07 vs the # that Bama had at its worst. Cant argue with the facts ….We caned the cause of it , instead of making excuses like you spastics do. Last year was a better year, but we still do not have 85 scholarship players on roster. If the pattern continues , we will be much improved next year, IF the defensee improves.

  15. 24

    Excuses, excuses, whaaaaaa. Neither one of you dooshbags know what you are talking about. You are so Auburn biased there is no hope for you to see reality anymore. And ya’ll whine and cry way too much, on a Bama board no less. No one here believes anything you two have got to say because you are so slanted. But it is funny to watch yall wish and hope. Why are ya’ll here again? I don’t think neither of you have the sack to admit the truth about that, now do ya?

  16. 25

    Brandi….I am here to set dumbassses like yourself straight….I dont know about julio, but I am pretty sure he gets denjoyment out of making complete fools out of people just like you….Any how….Waahhh ?????? Really ??????? Like I said, you have to be a middle schooler on daddys computer.

    After all the garbage , and weak ass excuses that I have had to endure over the last 7 or 8 years with the “crippled state” aka “Evil NCAA” excuses from YOU and every other bama fan I know, for you to even think that I or any other Auburn person is making excuses is beyond hypocritical. You beat that lame excuse like a dead horse in the Kentucky Derby.

    FACT is that when we played Alabama last year in the Iron Bowl, we has about 61 uninjured scholarship players…….61….uninjured …….scholarship……players………I dare you to compare Bama at there weakest point when “crippled” by sanctions, that even comes within a wiff of that …… You cant. Last years Iron Bowl should not have been close. After giving scolarships to no less than 4 walk ons this year, I think we are at around 82-83 scholarship players.

    And guess whos fault it was Brandi ? Ours. No one elses. You could never , and would never admit that. Why ? Because you are a child.

  17. 26

    BP, too much whining in that post.I stopped reading after the first paragraph. So, how well is ‘setting us straight’ working out for you, dumbass? Who just won the National Championship?

    Man, what a loser you turned out to be, being Auburns Internet Enforcer. If that is why you are here, then you have got to be the most ignorant person I have ever seen. But good luck with all that straightening people out on the internet thing. You keep on crying why we celebrate being number 1, something you have never experienced in your life.

  18. 27

    I dont care if your team won the last 34 national championships , your still a dumbass. Some things never change my friend.

    And no, you didnt stop reading after the first paragraph. It took you over thirty minutes to finally realize that there is no arguement to the facts I listed, as they are historical truth. Instead you type a buch of blather in hopes to be witty, and you failed at that too.

    But , hey man, its all in good fun , and the season starts IN TWO DAYS !!!!!!!

  19. 29

    Well, I read what you said, and all you are doing is comparing Bama and Auburn, when there are no comaparisons to be made there. You want to think that Auburn is somehow historically better, and that Auburn fans are much better than Bama fans. Excuses, excuses, excuses. We are the number one team right now. Lets see if Auburn can even crack the top 5 this year.

  20. 30

    Read my post again…..If you ever wondered why I would think your a dumbass, that should answer it for you.

    Where in my post did I compare Auburns “succes” to Alabamas ? Oh yeah, I didnt. I have never claimed tha AU is historically in the same zip code as UA. In fact , I have posted many times to the contrary. In the last 25 years, we have held our own, but historucally in the last 100 years , Bama has the edge.

    What I did do was compare the “excuses” as you like to say. Although I am not making any.

    Auburns cupbaord was as bare last year as Alabamas at the height of your probation, and we managed an 8-5 season.

    And I would not have gone if elbino had not spouted off. Its just kinda funny how the momories of recent lack of success are gone with a good season. And, really I cant say I dont understand it.

  21. 31

    Did I say ‘success’ anywhere? You are comparing. Just like most Auburn fans do. Your whole post was excuses, comparing the way Bama fans are vs. Auburn fans like you. But I am talking about right now, in the present. Bama has the edge. I could care less what you think. But you are the Auburn fan, on a Bama board, trying to police it and spew your Auburn pride here. So no matter what, you are the instigator, so I feel no pity for you when you start whining and crying. Really, do you ever spend anytime on an Auburn board? What does this say about your obsession with us? Seriously, you might want to consider some psychiatric help, cuz. And you might want to share your meds with Julia.

  22. 32

    You have been basing your entire arguement on succes, and you know it. Arguing with you is like arguing with a female. Mentally ehausting, and really she does not care about facts, only the wayu she feels.

    You are a woman arent you brandi ?

  23. 33

    The entire Auburn fanbase, including you, defies logic. Quit crying BP, dang. It is just a game and the season is here. It will all play out in the coming weeks. FACT. Everyone in the country sees that Bama is the team to beat, and Auburn will have to beat the man to be the man. FACT. Does Auburn have what it takes this year? Its a hard climb from outside the top 20. FACT. Sorry to interrupt your wet dream about Auburn superiority, but Auburn will have to recruit a few more good classes to catch up with Bama now. FACT. And you are whining way too much again this year. FACT.

  24. 34

    Hey man, part of the fun for me is the arguing….Cant help it. Just wired that way.

    Much like the way you have the yearning to watch “Steal Magnolias” , and have your DVR permanantly set on Lifetime Network.

    Here is an idea Brandi……Go to your local CVS, get you some Vagisil, and get your chaffed vagina taken care of, then report back to the capstone report…..

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