Bobby Bowden was forced to retire

It is official. Bobby Bowden was forced out at Florida State.

“Fired might be a little too strong,” the former Florida State coach said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press. “Pushed out ain’t bad. I was pushed out, no doubt about it. I didn’t want but one more year. Gosh, I’m 80.”

Bowden also told the AP, “I didn’t want them to spread the story that I voluntarily, happily resigned,” said Bowden, who was in New York to begin a promotional tour for his new book, “Called to Coach.”

Read more on Bowden, Florida State and the former coach’s relationship with the FSU president in the AP story below:


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    I’ve said it before and let me say it again. You have to admire his accomplishments, but ole Bobby likes that spotlight, and his ego to be right smack dadgum in the middle of it just about killed the Noles. The AD did what was best for FSU because Bobby stopped putting FSU ahead of himself a decade ago.

    He needs to eat his jello, enjoy what time he has left and shut up.

  2. 2

    January 1st, 2001 at the Orange Bowl…. the night the FSU dynasty and the heyday of Bobby Bowden ended. After that, Bobby Bowden spent 9 college football seasons just trying to outlast Joe Paterno so he could have the claim to the most wins in college football history. Sadly though, he ended up hurting his team, and in his last years FSU suffered serious damage.

  3. 3

    I love Bobby Bowden and wish good health and enjoy the time he
    has on gods green earth!! Bama really screwed up not hiring him
    after Ray Perkins left for Tampa Bay. Bama probably would have
    to run him off just like FSU had to. I just wonder how many NC’S
    would he have won if he became Bama’s head coach in the 80’s.

  4. 4

    This is news ? Everyone that knows anything about CFB knows that the man was shown the door.B.B. may just now be sayig it openly, but everyone knew this.

    And itk, your dead on. He put himself above the University for a while now. Love the guy, he was an icon, but seriously , it was time to go. All coaches and most players just want “one more year” ( see Brett Favre).

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