Ticket snafu actually pretty funny

You’ve heard the joke by now:

Why shouldn’t we have said anything about the misspelling of Mississippi on the Mississippi State game ticket?  Because if we would’ve kept quiet they wouldn’t have ever known the difference.

I’m sorry, but for the Arkansas company that printed the tickets to let that happen, coupled with Alabama’s misstep in the proofing process…I don’t care who the school is…that’s pretty funny.

The company is Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc., residing in Northwestern Arkansas.  The joke floating is that folks at Alabama can’t spell.  Transfer that thought to folks in Northwest Arkansas and you’re getting warmer.

Folks at Alabama just got a reminder on the importance of proofing.

Here’s my quick take on the matter:

Yes, UA should have caught it. BUT, we’re not talking about “Mississipi” appearing on page 47 of a game program. We’re talking about it featured prominently on a 4″ x 7″ piece of cover weight paper. Somebody at that printer saw the miscue on the tickets, before or after they were approved.

If I’m holding the purse strings in T-town, that’s one printer I wouldn’t use again. There are plenty of providers in Alabama or elsewhere that would love the business.

The matter is good fodder for message boards leading up to the season, and had it happened on an Auburn ticket you can bet Jevan Snead’s Heisman we would be capitalizing on it.

Just attribute the error credit where the error credit is due…