Ticket snafu actually pretty funny

You’ve heard the joke by now:

Why shouldn’t we have said anything about the misspelling of Mississippi on the Mississippi State game ticket?  Because if we would’ve kept quiet they wouldn’t have ever known the difference.

I’m sorry, but for the Arkansas company that printed the tickets to let that happen, coupled with Alabama’s misstep in the proofing process…I don’t care who the school is…that’s pretty funny.

The company is Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc., residing in Northwestern Arkansas.  The joke floating is that folks at Alabama can’t spell.  Transfer that thought to folks in Northwest Arkansas and you’re getting warmer.

Folks at Alabama just got a reminder on the importance of proofing.

Here’s my quick take on the matter:

Yes, UA should have caught it. BUT, we’re not talking about “Mississipi” appearing on page 47 of a game program. We’re talking about it featured prominently on a 4″ x 7″ piece of cover weight paper. Somebody at that printer saw the miscue on the tickets, before or after they were approved.

If I’m holding the purse strings in T-town, that’s one printer I wouldn’t use again. There are plenty of providers in Alabama or elsewhere that would love the business.

The matter is good fodder for message boards leading up to the season, and had it happened on an Auburn ticket you can bet Jevan Snead’s Heisman we would be capitalizing on it.

Just attribute the error credit where the error credit is due…


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  1. 2

    I’m pretty sure that’s what I did.

    There isn’t a single employee from the University of Alabama responsible for a single keystroke on any of the tickets.

    It’s not like the tickets were a class project for a home economics class.

    It was a contracted endeavor with the company in Arkansas. Alabama officials are to blame for not proofing more carefully, but Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc., is the leading provider of security printing in the country. I can see how a few assumptions could be made when receiving the proof.

    I just dare BP to come in here and talk about spelling.

  2. 4

    Where did that extra “pee” go? Glad you asked. It ended up all over opelika, the majority around toomers corner. Fortunately for the Barn, there’s plenty unused TP to clean it up!

  3. 5

    Funny stuff. lol…..I am sure the fine students in the “Abuurn” student section can appreciate it.

  4. 6

    Nice spin, ITK. Now then, are you sure that someone at UA didn’t have primary responsibility for the basic design, and therefore the spelling, on the tickets?? No doubt that the printer has some culpability here, but it’s nothing but pure bammer spin to try and place the majority of the blame on them. You might want to spin this as “funny”, but there’s a much more accurate word: “embarrassing”.

  5. 7

    Julio, you accusing anyone of spin is like Ralph Friedgen calling somebody fat.

    Actually julio, funny you bring it up. As an expert in the area of printing, to use one of your words, it’s “empossible” to do that kind of printing/design in-house. Security printing is a highly specialized business, and the company in question is the industry leader, and industry leaders make mistakes too, apparently.

    Just may want to get a towel and clean yourself up over it though. Another near win but close loss for you got you a little excited.

  6. 8
    Alex Hamilton


    I saw a commercial on CBS for feminine wipes. Perhaps that will help you with the excited discharge.

    We couldve called MSU the New Orleans Saints on the ticket and we would’ve still whipped their ass. But that’s not saying anything. New Orleans is the worst Super Bowl winner in 20 years.

  7. 9

    Darn right, alex. It doesn’t matter that your university can’t spell as long as they whup some a$$ in football.

    Wow ITK, not only do you still remember a single typo I made, you even remember exactly what the word was and how it was misspelled. That’s a little bit creepy. You’re not keeping a “julio doll” that you stick pins in, are you?

  8. 10

    Julia, you are the KING of the Auburn Spin machine. And ITK is absolutely right. I have been in the printing business for years, and typos happen. Someone at the printer had a typo, it happens. I have a good friend who worked for Street & Smith, and he actually put the wrong player on the cover one year.

  9. 11

    Get on their tails like you get on mine…Heck , sometimes I tbink you are really my old 7th grade english teacher, coming back to haunt me..

    But it is funny.

  10. 13

    brandii, just because you’re the janitor at Kinko’s doesn’t mean you’re in the printing business.

    ITK, nice attempt at subterfuge. Still kinda creeped out that you remember the intricate details of a single typo of mine, though.

  11. 14

    Janitor jokes! So uncle julio is on vacation and his 3rd grade nephew is bringing out the janitor jokes. Whoever you are, please tell your uncle julio that it’s not hard to remember stupidity once it presents itself. But, any self-importance you want to infer, while we’re all embarrassed for you, it’s “empossible” for us to stop you.

  12. 15

    Julia, yeah come and see me at Kinkos. You need to take a bite of this sammich and pick up your ironing. But Bama is still much better than Auburn, no matter how you spin it. Now shut the hell up.

  13. 16

    Quick ITK, tell me word for word what I posted on April 17th, 2009. Don’t leave out any details regarding misplaced commas, either.

    Actually, I tried to pull that post where I misspelled impossible and replace it with the correct spelling. Then I remembered that the only one allowed to withdraw their embarrassing posts and replace them is you.

  14. 17

    ITK = spelling police…. Really, has it come to this ?

    Brandi, for the love , you DO NOT scare anyone with the “come get some” angle. It’s getting kind of lame.

  15. 18

    If ONLY you would have said April 20th! That would truly have been some comedy there.

    That’s the price you pay for not being a moderator. “Now shut up and go iron my shirt…” That’s another of your classics, isn’t it? Or is it the sandwich thing…I can’t remember!

  16. 19

    You’re a “moderator”? That’s funny. What other titles have you annointed yourself with?

    No, the shirt and janitor references are not classics. The classics are your never ending shameless excuses that you reflexively spout off for every bad thing that has ever happened to bama’s football team over the last 30 years. We never get tired of those.

  17. 20

    BP, you know what is lame is Auburn fans like you coming on a Bama site making a fool out of yourself. Fix me a sandwich, cause that is about as lame as it gets. Talk about football, and how your lowly Tigers are going to give Alabama a run for their money. Stop talking about sandwiches, and talk about football for a change.

  18. 23

    Brandi….caompared to you, I pretty much stay on topic. When you are going through your “cycle” we all suffer.

    As far as staying on topic, this topic was spelling, so I did stay on topic. Of course you challenge people to “come get some”….You’re (for ITK) really from Peidmont, right ?

  19. 24

    Yeah, I like to change the topic to point out how retarded you and julia are. You have got to be the most sensitive and bad sports people out of all college football fans. Your jealousy and hatred of Bama shows so much, it really is fun to poke ya’ll and get ya’ll fired up. But whenever you want to break down the facts about Alabama and Auburn, I will set you straight. That Julia spin doesn’t ever work here, but ya’ll keep on trying anyways.

  20. 25

    By the way, you don’t know how to spell “compared”. Because you are an Auburn fan AND an idiot. And I am on topic. Peace.

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