Here are the official stats for the first scrimmage of Fall Camp.

*Stats include 11-on-11, situational drills, red area, goalline, 2-minute

Greg McElroy – 26 for 33, 360 yards, 6 TD, 0 INT
A.J. McCarron – 21 for 26, 241 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INT
Phillip Sims – 5 for 10, 97 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT

Mark Ingram – 9 rush, 28 yards, 1 TD
Eddie Lacy – 8 rush, 24 yards, 2 TD
Trent Richardson – 7 rush, 19 yards, 1TD
Corey Grant – 4 rush, 13 yards

Julio Jones – 7 rec., 99 yards, 2 TD
Marquis Maze – 6 rec., 51, yards, 1 TD
Earl Alexander – 5 rec., 87 yards, 2 TD
Trent Richardson – 4 rec., 66 yards
Kenny Bell – 4 rec., 39 yards
Brandon Gibson – 4 rec., 29 yards
Eddie Lacy – 4 rec., 26 yards
Mark Ingram – 3 rec., 75 yards, 1 TD
Preston Dial – 3 rec., 60 yards, 2 TD
DeAndrew White – 2 rec., 87 yards, 1 TD

Mark Barron – 5 tackles, 1 PBU
B.J. Scott – 5 tackles, 1 INT, 1 PBU
Nick Perry – 5 tackles
Courtney Upshaw – 4 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 PBU
Nico Johnson – 4 tackles
Phelon Jones – 4 tackles, 2 PBU
Jarrick Williams – 4 tackles
Jalston Fowler – 4 tackles
Chris Jordan- 4 tackles, 1 sack
Dont’a Hightower – 3 tackles
Will Lowery – 3 tackles
C.J. Mosley – 3 tackles, 1 INT

Passing Touchdowns (9): Greg McElroy – 6 (24 yards, 38 yards, 26 yards, 18 yards, 70 yards, 2 yards); A.J. McCarron – 2 (41 yards, 16 yards); Phillip Sims – (78 yards)
Rushing Touchdowns (4): Eddie Lacy – 2 (8 yards, 1 yard); Mark Ingram – 1 (1 yard); Trent Richardson – 1 (3 yards)


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  1. 2

    On a side note. If I were an auburn fan right now,,, I would probably saying. Wooohooo!!! we are a scoring machine, Aint nobody scurred of Bammur! weyour gonna domin8!!!! whooo hooo!!!
    But being a realist, I would say the offense is ither looking really good or the defense is looking really bad. Time will tell.

  2. 4

    Well.. all things considered.
    We know Nick Saban will manufacture a tough defense. thats what he does. he loads up on the biggest baddest players he can find and then he challenges them to work hard and smack the other guy in the mouth.
    My concern lies with the Florida game. I think that Saban has Petrino’s number. So Arkansas doesnt concern me so much. But Florida has a great offensive plan and the talent to make it work. they also manage to throw up a defense every season that is as good as some of the pro’s. If we get through UF undefeated, I see Bama running the table. There are trapdoor games but I have faith in the Saban system. He knows how to keep his team focused.

  3. 6

    Just look at the bright side of it.By season end this will be a very good defense.But next season this will be a very scary defense that has a season under its belt and will crush opposing offense.Bama FB is back and very strong for a very long time. ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. 7

    Well, the offense is and should be expected to be ahead of the defense at this point. But now that the media has the info, it is sure to fire up those defensive players with everyone scrutinizing their play until the next scrimmage. They will want redemption. Saban will use this to motivate them. If you can remember, it was a similar situation last year at the first scrimmage. Look at how well that turned out.

  5. 8

    The defense will be fine. Keep in mind, it was facing one of if not the top offense in the country in that scrimmage.

    Still, there’s a lot of work to be done on that side of the ball. Thankfully we have the game’s top defensive mind in the game* taking to the practice field for us every day.

    *According to Belichick and Parcells, from the upcoming Saban movie.

  6. 13
    Coach Trooper Taylor

    Im cool… Im widit! I got my hat turned backwards and Im ok Yall! Cant lose my duckets if Bama has a good offense. And now I gots to catch my rented limo wid tha magnetised sign. Troopa’s gettin bank!

  7. 15
    Coach Derek Dooley

    Yh… hold on… little busy here… lets see …whats this….lacey Earps…. CRAP CRAP….CRAP!!! Bama offense good… ………….Damn……..

  8. 16
    Coach Tommy Tuberville

    Call me big ears all you like… I got while the getting was good and I aint gonna lose this job because of Nick Saban….I am rich!!!!

  9. 17
    Coach Houston Nutt

    Well lets see. Maybe ….just mayube if we have more aromatherapy for the boys before the game, and mix in a little joggin in a jugg…. And oh yeah…. “The end of the world as we know it if we dont win this game!” speech and we just might pull off the upset. Yeah… I LIKE OUR CHANCES!!!!

  10. 19

    Did you seriously run that whole “coach impersonation” thing through your mind and conclude that it was funny before you wasted 12 minutes of your life typing it?

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