Texas football: Stung by BCS loss to Alabama

From the AP, What if Colt McCoy hadn’t been hurt on the first drive of the BCS national championship game, a 37-21 loss to Alabama?

What if the Texas coaches had opened up the playbook for Garrett Gilbert a bit earlier instead of having him hand off while waiting to see if McCoy could return?

Texas will never know how to answer those questions. With McCoy out, Alabama raced to a big lead, then snuffed a late Longhorns rally to win the championship and send Texas into a painfully long offseason.

“That game hurt,” said Texas senior cornerback Curtis Brown. “Garrett Gilbert came and played his heart out. After the game I didn’t have any regrets. It added fuel to the fire for the next year.”

So welcome to the 2010 season, where Gilbert is now the starting quarterback. He had four turnovers against Alabama, but his improved play in the second half and good spring workouts gave coach Mack Brown confidence that the Longhorns should be fine at quarterback. (Read more about the 2010 Texas Longhorns below)


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  1. 3

    Tell ITK about your “what if, what if, what if” philosophy and see if he can apply the same principle to the the Iron Bowl from 2002-2007.

  2. 4

    …apply the same principle to the the Iron Bowl from 2002-2007…

    I read the article…twice. There was no mention of auburn or the iron bowl…what gives?

  3. 6

    Julia, Auburn fans are the King of Whatifs and half-truths. Just like last years Iron Bowl, you only remember what you want, and take that and turn it into something that is not true. And then you actually believe it as fact. You are one of the dumbest Auburn fans I have ever heard.

  4. 7

    My GOD you Aubbie shit ! What the hell does shoody Alabama teams losing to Awburn 6 years have to do with anything?

    When will your retarded ass learn the basic FACT !

    Alabama is Alabama.
    And Ms.State don’t need all dem P’s!

  5. 8

    AROLL, do you have Turret’s SYNDROME??

    brandii….oh, whatever. You’re starting to get really boring. If you want to talk smack, at least be specific rather than spouting off some generic barb about “only remembering what you want”.

  6. 10

    julio Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 10:41 am
    Tell ITK about your “what if, what if, what if” philosophy and see if he can apply the same principle to the the Iron Bowl from 2002-2007.

    ah…hmmm…. quit living in the past Julio.
    Aside from that the Iron Bowl Championhips you won those years certainly didnt translate to a BCS game did they… I guess there is your proof those wins were irrelevant.

  7. 11

    I remember Auburn using every trick play in the book.
    The truth about the game which (I have watched 100 times by now) is that except for a few gimmicks here and there Bama physically dominated the Taggers. Badly. The defense was keyed on Ingram (I guess they didnt want him to bring a Hiesman to Bama… wink wink…) but Richardson ran through them like tissue paper.
    They could not stop the Bama passing game. And when it all came down to who wanted it most Bama walked onto the field and took control.
    There are no moral victories here. No “Wait until next year!” brags. Nothing. Auburn coaght Bama offgaurd, used every trick play known to man and even on their own field….when the game was in the balance could not keep Bama out of the endzone. Someone needs to tell the auburn faithful bourgeois elitist you have to play 60 minutes to beat a great team.

  8. 12

    You are right TMC. Auburn had two long plays (the longest two given up by Bama all year) plus a short drive on the onside kick, and that was it for Auburn. Bama missed a field goal before halftime so they had a chance to go up 17-14 at halftime. Bama owned the entire 4th quarter. But Julia has such a different view, it is funny.

  9. 13

    Yes brandii, we all know that big plays for td’s are totally irrelevant and do not count in the slightest. (unless it’s bama playing lsu and Patrick Peterson is out of the game and bama takes advantage by throwing a long td to Julio Jones, then it’s sheer genius by Saban and McElwain.)

    tmc, Richardson had 15 carries for 51 yds. You call that “running through them like toilet paper”? I’d hate to see what you’re using for toilet paper.

  10. 14

    Missed the point again Julia. But you do reinforce the fact that you remember the game differently. Who was talking about LSU? I was talking Iron Bowl, you moron. Remember? How you think Auburn did such a good job and all? Auburn took the first and third quarter, Bama owned the second and fourth quarter. Far from a beat down like you think. All you seem to remember is that Auburn slowed down Bamas running game. But that wasn’t enough obviously. How could that be, Julia?

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