Nothing to worry about at Tennessee. Right?

Remember all those Tennessee Volunteer fans who said HOstessgate wasn’t a big deal.

Whoops. It looks like the University of Tennessee football program expects an official NCAA letter of inquiry.

Joe Schad of ESPN has reported that “NCAA investigators interviewed Tennessee assistant football coaches Lance Thompson and Jim Chaney and other school officials in Knoxville last spring in the process of examining possible recruiting violations beyond the appearance of Vols recruiting hostesses at high school games, a source told ESPN on Friday.”

The culture of lawlessness on display in Knoxville should worry Tennessee fans. The HOstess issue was simply the most interesting of the problems. When the school embraced Lane Kiffin, it made a major mistake. And Volunteer fans are going to pay for it.

How Mike Hamilton keeps his job is the biggest mystery of all.


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    Bama Fan in NYC


    Hang on… hang on…


    I LOVE Lane Kiffin! You are the freaking man!

  2. 4

    Indy Vol welcome to the probation club son!! Fat Phil and Roy Kramer can not help this time like they did before over Tee Matin
    sideshow and other problems put under the rug!! RTR

  3. 7

    Hate to be a skeptic, but I’ve seen UT skate on some of the most obvious infractions I’ve ever seen. The Tee Martin case couldn’t have been more cut and dry, with a paper trail as concrete as my driveway. I’ll believe they get in trouble when I see it.

  4. 9

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving program. Ya’ll remember all the Tennessee fans that were applauding his every stupid move? Where are they now?

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