Chiefs football: Arenas vs. McCluster

Who will be the kick returner for the Kansas City Chiefs? It could be a former SEC star as former Alabama Crimson Tide return man Javier Arenas is locked in a battle with Dexter McCluster.

According to the AP, “He (McCluster) and rookie cornerback Javier Arenas are fighting to be the kick returner. Arenas might have the edge since he was the full-time returner at Alabama and McCluster, because he did so many other things for Ole Miss, had only two punt returns as a senior.”

“We are going to work them, we are going to watch them, we are going to evaluate them and then we’re going to figure out who gives the best chance and whatever that situation is and then go that direction,” coach Todd Haley told the AP. “But me as a head coach, I’m excited about possibilities, potential.” (read the entire story about how McCluster is doing for Kansas City in the story below.)

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