Report: Blake Sims to join Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tuscaloosa News reports, “University of Alabama signee Blake Sims has been certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse and will join the team Thursday, just in time for an evening practice, according to his father.”

The report suggests that Alabama will likely use Sims on the defensive side of the ball at safety, but the possibilities are open.


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  1. 1

    BLAKE SIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to David Palmer reincarnated (not that DP is dead or anything).

    Bama fans, feast your eyes on this and begin salivating…..NOW…

  2. 2

    What a coincidence that he was cleared just hours before Rod Woodson was fired. And now we learn that he will be a defensive bake to boot. Wow ! Talk about good timng for Alabama !!!!!!They must be the luckiest team on earth !!!!!!

  3. 5

    Now that is funny right there bamazavin! Now his girlfriend Julia will be here soon the straighten you out.

  4. 6

    Brandi…Your soooo un-original. At least come up with your own material. I swear , I need to put a cpywright infringement clause on all my cutdowns , because you steal them at will. Next youll be tellin me to go fix you a sandwich….

    No onw cares to discuss the heart of what I said, because yall know that Saban cuts players for performance reasons. Ill bet that is something he never told Woodsen in the in home visits.

  5. 7

    BP Woodson got himself in trouble. His mom already said. Saban won’t tolerate the thug factor very long, unlike another coach down the road. But I haven’t stole any of your material. That sandwich thing aint even funny, it is pretty stupid honestly. But you are a Big Puzzy, and that is just a fact.

  6. 8

    Provide a link or story of any kind that supports your “thug” excuse…You cant.

    Saban made roon on the roster for a percieved better player at a postition that your team needs help on. That is a fact. Spin it however you want to, but you cant provide one shred of evidence to refute what Ive said.

    Now on the other hand Marcel Darius will be catered to in any and every possible way. Why ? Because he is a great football player. Though Im not saying Darius is not telling the truth. But come on man. A poor young man just hops a flight to Miami for a party ? How in the world does that make sense in any way ?

    Saban fired Woodsen and you know it.

  7. 10

    It was on go look it up big puss, woodson was in a position to get a lot of playing time this year in the secondary. Whatever he did, he messed up. His mom alluded to that. Here read:

    Mary Woodson isn’t sure where her son will end up.
    “He’s going to transfer somewhere in Alabama,” she said, but she isn’t sure where that will be.
    She said she was under the impression that her son’s grades weren’t a problem. There “might have been” an off-the-field incident recently involving her son, she said, but she declined to elaborate, saying she knew no details.
    Saban gave no reason for the departure, but he talked later in his news conference about maturity, accountability and responsibility.
    “We have a lot of good players on the team, and I would rather move somebody from another position to play where we don’t have enough players than to allow somebody not to do the right things and be involved,” Saban said. “I don’t think we do anyone any good if we do that.”

  8. 13

    BP, shut your hole. Brando just handed you the “link or story” you cried for in post #8. That red spot on the side of your face will go away in a little time.

    Swi-i-i-n-g and a miss! Don’t worry, there’s another topic coming up soon I’m sure. You’ll get another at-bat.

  9. 14

    No, hes not. He didnt get convicted of anyhting. He worked it off with Comm. sevice.

    I didnt read anything that said Woodson did anything. Just a lot of speculation on your part.

    If there was anyone in the history of Bama football that whould have been fired it was D.J. Hall. tell me again why he wasnt fired ? Oh yeah, Saban needed him.

    Now. Go fix me a sandwich.

  10. 15

    Here is the question that either of you have yet to answer….What did Woodson do exactly that was bad enough for him to be replaced ? Also, once we find out what he supposedly did, how does it stack up against what D.J. Hall, Jarrell Harris, Julio Jones, Marcel Darius, and the entire textbook crew did ? It just funny that no talented players ever get fired, only the pine riders.

  11. 19

    What question? Did DJ Hall steal something? Who knows what Woodson did? Obviously he did something, but they are not airing out in the media. You are the one speculating. We know your QB is a thief. That is a FACT. Heck, that is the only reason you have the guy anyway. And Woodson is talented, he would have likely started this year. DJ Hall? What did he do? That was Sabans first year. You think it is the same now as it was then? I can tell Saban is getting to you. You would take him at Auburn is a second, if you thought you even had a chance to get a coach like that.

  12. 20

    Quit speaking out of your rearend and answer the question. I answered yours in the other thread. I know its expecting too much for you to be a man and answer my question in post #15.

    And you have about as much evidence on Hall as you do on Woodson. More with Darius. More with the testbook thugs. etc.

  13. 21

    Dareus will probably be cleared to play. The textbook thing wasn’t enough to kick them off the team. But stealing computers? That is a way different type of offense.

    You can try to compare apples and oranges all day. It is all speculation by you. But your team is picking other teams cast-offs, not mine. Looks like a desperation move to me by Auburn. And the whole Auburn fanbase is desperate for something good to happen. But the season will be here soon. We will see if Chizik is your hero soon enough.

  14. 22

    I wasnt comparing Woodson to Newton. I was comparing him to other Alabama players who have documneted transgressions that are not up to debate. THey are given a slap on the wrist because they are great players. When your not a great player, your coach looks for a reason to relplace you, like in Woodsons case.

    Stick to the subject.

    Why are they given extra opportunities when kids like Woodson are not ? (really its rhetoricle, we already know the answer)…

  15. 23

    And as far as Cam Newton goes, I believe in second chances, but if he doesnt walk an extra straight line, then I would say get rid of him.

  16. 24

    Let me simplify the question: Had Blake Sims not qualified , would Woodson have been sent packing ?

    Answer : Of course not.

  17. 25

    You are still speculating, that is my point. You don’t know what happened with any of those guys, so you can’t make a sound judgement call on who did the worst offense. You are just trying to find something negative about Bama, but the truth is Bama is LOADED with talent, so there won’t be as much drop-off in talent, say, like if Cam Newton got hurt. Criticize Saban all you want, but you still wish Auburn was in the shape Bama is in right now.

  18. 26

    BP (Big puss) you are not going to convince anyone that you are right because your obsession with Bama has made you delirious with envy and you keep trying to see an end to the Bama nightmare that haunts you. It is only going to get worse for you. Maybe you should just pull for the swim team or something.

  19. 27

    Thats what I thought….You wont answer the question. But being the nice person I am, I will go ahead and answer it agian for you……Had Blake Sima not qualified, then Woodson would still be on the team.

    So much for your culling the bad apples theory. It doesnt hold water.

  20. 28

    Hey dumbass, you are speculating. That is the answer. You don’t know very much, and I know you don’t know what the situation was with Woodson. But you would probably be happy if he came to Auburn. Ya’ll could use him. So yeah, I answered your question. You refuse to hear it. Typical Auburn mentality.

  21. 29

    Your Jedi mind tricks dont work on me turd fan……No, actually, you did NOT answer the question. Ill try it again : If Sims did not qualify, would Woodson still be on the team ?

    A simple yes or no will do. But even someone as sorry as you cant answer “Yes” to that one. Everyone in the universe knows the answer, you are just too ashamed to say it.

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