Andre Smith slowed by foot

AP: “The former first-round draft pick has yet to get on the practice field with his Bengals teammates. He’s working out on his own, trying to get in shape and get beyond foot problems that held him back as a rookie. There’s no telling whether he’ll be ready to start the season.”


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    At least Cody plays with intensity and desire, which is something Andre never had. He was great in college bc of his technique and quickness. He doesnt have the upper body strength to dominate in the league like he did college. Once heard Saban comment to Andre in a pregame “Do you know how good you could be?” Enough said.

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    Alex Hamilton

    Word is that Dre broke his foot stomping Plays With His Balls ass following an altercation with Ms. BPI in Atlanta.

    Thus, BPI’s animosity.

  3. 6

    Word is that only a little punk would bring aonother mans wife into the arguement.

    But hey. You are a punk arent you ?

  4. 7

    Word is that julia and BP like make each other sandwiches and iron each others clothes or something. So watch out talking about julia, BP gets mad when you talk about his wife.

  5. 8

    Not hardly Brandi. It is too predectable, and easy to bring peoples spouses in on it. For example, I dont know your husband. he may be a pretty cool guy for all I know. But, I wouldnt be able to understand why he would be married to a beeotch like you. But, like I said , he may be cool.

    Alex, on the other hand , is a punk that much like Andre would be getting slowed by a foot. That would be my foot, in his ass. But I know punks like Alex. He wouldnt say anything to me in person, but on the internet, he is one Bad man.

  6. 9

    Woo BP you are trying to sound like a bad man yourself. I suspect it wouldn’t take much to make you run cry to julia.

  7. 11

    Come on Big Puss, you can do better than that. I think you like having the battered be-otch syndrome. It really does fit you.

  8. 13

    Quit acting like a girl Ballplay. You know Bama is on the verge of creating a football dynasty, and that is a discussion you won’t ever hear about Auburn. Just admit it, these next years are really going to have you Auburn people beside yourselves.

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