DePriest says it’s Bama

What’s the difference between a flash in the pan and a dynasty?

A flash in the pan has a great year.  A dynasty is born when one great year after another is stacked one atop the other.

Today Alabama head coach Nick Saban added to his stockpile of talent in Tuscaloosa for the coming years when heavily sought after linebacker Trey DePriest from Ohio forsook his home state school…and childhood team…the Ohio State Buckeyes to travel south to compete for a champion.

It’s good to be from Alabama.

This is the second score for this coaching staff in the great state of Ohio, when Saban received a commitment from the #4 OL in America, the manchild Ryan Kelly.  This on the heels of the commitment from the nation’s #2 safety Hasean Clinton-Dix from Gator, Seminole and Hurricane country and the #3 rated receiver in Bradley Sylve from Bengal Tiger country in Louisiana.

There’s a message being sent here:

The days of Bama sticking to the region are over.  Whoever we want, and wherever they are, there’s a great chance you’re going to see Nick Saban and company showing up on the scene.

No limos.  No goofy-named weekends.  Just the master of college football doing what he does: Assemble championship caliber football teams with championship caliber talent.

Stay tuned…there’s more to come.