WHEW! Cody passes conditioning test for Ravens

Former Alabama Crimson Tide football player Terrence Cody was cleared to practice with his new team the Baltimore Ravens.

The story from the AP: Cody conquered the drill on Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. and was removed from the Physically Unable to Perform list before participating in his first NFL training camp practice.

Along the way, the second-round pick (57th overall) picked up a nickname that will probably stick for a long time.

Veteran defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, in addition to dispensing valuable advice, began calling the rookie “Cheeseburger.”

Cody laughed about it. He probably would have been OK with being called a lot worse, such was his relief to get on the field after watching his teammates work on Tuesday. (read the entire report embedded below)


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    Yeah – I’m just waiting on a smart ass remark from the usual haters in here who dissed earlier. You know, those folks who love to hate the winners in the world.

    Like some other people posted – at least the Crimson Tide actually has players going in the NFL year after year now who are newsworthy nationally. Crystal motherfuck€rs.

    A simple precaution taken against someone who was dehydrated in the 100 degree + heat turned into a circle jerk for the barners – I guess that’s the only way that will make them feel better about their program that is plagued with mediocrity.

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    Alex Hamilton

    And although he’s huge, Cody would still posterize dunk on Plays with His Balls, and then be able to dunk BPI himself through the hoop. The man can get way up, just ask Lame Kitten.

    Another fact about Cody’s physique: there are two gaudy championship rings on his fingers. And he might have another one soon with the team he is on now. At least no Auburn player has that added inconvenience in their lives of removing a championship ring before weigh in.

    A last note. I’m in Vegas at the moment. Alabama is a 2/1 favorite at Ceasars Palace and MGM Sports Books to win the National Championship.

    Auburn is on the board at 100 / 1.

  3. 7

    I didnt say he wasnt a great player, All I said was he has some big ol titties……..

    And that attempted F.G. hit him in the head against UT……..Sabans sawed off self couldve blocked that one…..

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