Reason for Auburn to fear 2010: defense

Remember how bad Auburn’s defense was last season?

If you are an Auburn fan you can’t forget it. It was disgusting. It had to make the Old Guard like Pat Dye physically sick.

But there is always hope it will get better.


Maybe not.

Pat Forde at Little 12 (Big 12) Media Days reported something disturbing. The pathetic tackling was a hallmark of the Gene Chizik regime at Iowa State.

Forde writes, “Tackling. ‘It was horrible,’ Rhoads said. So horrible, in fact, that rudimentary tackling had to be retaught.

“‘The first time we put on pads that first spring, we had to shut practice down for about 15 minutes and go back to Tackling 101,’ Rhoads said. ‘We got their attention, and I think they’ve improved greatly as a tackling football team.'”

Of course Rhodes tries to say some nice things about Chizik and Chizik’s style of defense. However, it sounds like coachspeak. It is clear what Rhoads thinks of Chizik and the mess he left at Iowa State.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story. The last line of Forde’s piece does.

He writes, “Last season Iowa State allowed 21.8 points per game, down from 35.8 in 2008 and 31.8 in 2007 under Chizik.”