NFL: Can the Cowboys do it?

For those who also watch the NFL, it seems that the Cowboys quarterback has improved. If the Cowboys are going to make the Super Bowl this season Tony Romo will have to continue to play as well as he did during the push toward the division championship last season.

And he played very well last season. According to the AP, “Romo is definitely taking better care of the football, with a career-low six fumbles (four lost) last season along with his fewest interceptions. Another huge factor is continuity, since this will be the fourth consecutive season in offensive coordinator Jason Garrett’s system. Romo has thrown for 12,142 yards and 88 TDs in his 45 games the past three seasons.” (Read more about the Cowboys in this AP story embedded below.)


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    I think Dez Bryant could be very good for the team. I don’t think he will be as big a problem as Williams appeared to be.

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