Ranking the SEC Media Days Coach Appearances

With another SEC Media Days in the books, a rather interesting article surfaces today about how all the coaches did.  Interestingly, the thought is that Robbie Caldwell stole the show at his first…and likely his last…SEC Media Days.

Here are some highlights:

3. Nick Saban (Alabama) – Gave the media exactly what it wanted: juice. Anytime the defending national champion coach describes agents as “pimps” the media will react. Saban was a little dry (as always), but the way he blasted agents and downplayed the title talk were rather impressive. The buzz surrounding Saban was also fascinating, as fans flocked to him like he was giving out free money. (He didn’t.)

12. Gene Chizik (Auburn) – You know when they call a coach no-nonsense? That is Chizik, who offered no humor (and no attempts at humor). His lengthy explanation about developing a long-term plan in a short-term league had us yawning. He had the longest opening statement of the week and lost us shortly after “Good morning.”

See the whole list here.


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  1. 1
    Hung Like A Horse

    First time reader. What a fucking joke you are. Awful, just awful. I noticed this fuck stick said he gets paid to talk on the PF show. Really? Again, what a fucking joke. Verno was spot on.

  2. 3

    First, horse, I’m not on the “PF” show, so I think you have me confused with someone else.

    Secondly, I didn’t write the article, I’m simply pointing you to where you can read it.

    The fact is, nationally, the Auburn program is regarded somewhere between an arena football team and a church softball team.

    You feel self important, but from a national perspective, you’re just another name on the schedule.

    Sorry that upsets you, but you may want to get your facts straight before you start shooting your mouth off, especially when you feel the need to use potty words.

    Chizdip is a joke, and so is Abarn. When either DO something, they’ll EARN respect (see, it’s “earned”, not given).

    Deal with it. I’m glad you found the site though.

  3. 4

    No argument here on Chizik. He’s as dull as it gets in interviews. Of course, I’d prefer boring to giving a press conference where the coach compares the loss of a fb game to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, or goes on a cussing rampage.

  4. 7

    Just remember, you want opposing fans to hate your coach. That means you OWN them, and it is eating them alive.

    Thanks for the post julio. You never disappoint.

  5. 8

    Chizik boring. I think not. I am sure he had the room abuzz correctly lining up their chairs in perfect alignment and then afterward telling them he was not going to speak down to thier level and they would have to report up to his.
    Yeah old Gene. He is really Mr Excitement personified.

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