Why AU didn’t have players at the party

Taking a break from Agentgate and all the TMZ nonsense, allow me to offer a reason why you haven’t heard of any Abarn players at the “agent party for top NFL prospects” in South Beach.

Please…please…watch this highlight video of their latest commitment.  This is the talent that finds its way down on the Plains:

I’m not sure what may favorite clip is, but here are my candidates:

1. The first clip, a bad short pass by the opposing QB into triple coverage where #2 happens to be in the general area.

2. The player returning a kick-off, running 40 yards laterally for a gain of about 7.

3.  The player making a tackle on the five and getting dragged into the endzone by a 140 lb. high school tailback.

But my favorite part about this reel is, among all the “highlights” of this prized defensive back commitment for the Tigers…NOT ONE INTERCEPTION!!!

This, friends, is why we don’t fear the Tigers.  The Chiz is in place for another year or two.

However, now that the player has committed, look for Auburn’s Rivals site to shoot the player up to a “4-star lock”.  2010 was a good recruiting year for them, but looks like they’re settling back in to where they belong.

I guess when you don’t play big boy football it’s hard to get top talent.

Come Black Friday, come.