Why AU didn’t have players at the party

Taking a break from Agentgate and all the TMZ nonsense, allow me to offer a reason why you haven’t heard of any Abarn players at the “agent party for top NFL prospects” in South Beach.

Please…please…watch this highlight video of their latest commitment.  This is the talent that finds its way down on the Plains:

I’m not sure what may favorite clip is, but here are my candidates:

1. The first clip, a bad short pass by the opposing QB into triple coverage where #2 happens to be in the general area.

2. The player returning a kick-off, running 40 yards laterally for a gain of about 7.

3.  The player making a tackle on the five and getting dragged into the endzone by a 140 lb. high school tailback.

But my favorite part about this reel is, among all the “highlights” of this prized defensive back commitment for the Tigers…NOT ONE INTERCEPTION!!!

This, friends, is why we don’t fear the Tigers.  The Chiz is in place for another year or two.

However, now that the player has committed, look for Auburn’s Rivals site to shoot the player up to a “4-star lock”.  2010 was a good recruiting year for them, but looks like they’re settling back in to where they belong.

I guess when you don’t play big boy football it’s hard to get top talent.

Come Black Friday, come.


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  1. 3

    I guess we will have to take your word on it ITK ( rolling eyes)……..Say what you will, but AU is recruiting better than I can remember in 20 years or more. Last years class proved that.

    With Tommy, all the higher ranked kids always seemed to be ineligable. All but one of this years class qualified and can play. Shon Coleman qualified, but cant play.

    This kind of reminds me of a kid that had about the same amount of talk , or lack of it. Darren Baites. He is going to be a great player at AU. As a freshman he did pretty well, and will continue to grow. I wont worry till they give me a reason as far as recruting goes.

    What you didnt seem to mention is that he was injured last year. ( lack of stats)…..

    Recruting rankings matter, no doubt. Its indicative of talent. But its not everything. Ask Demeco Ryans.

  2. 4

    Every time i think I’ve heard the ultimate in hypocrisy, ITK raises the bar. He now complains that Rivals raises the star rating of recruits after they sign with AUBURN. @!#$!!! Is there any faster way to get a recruit’s star rating immeditely bumped up than simply expressing “interest” in Bama?

  3. 5

    After a little more research, I found out the kids first year of football was last year…And he was injured halfway through the year.

    They are recruting him as a diamond in the rough, no dout. Other offers include Wisconsin, and Duke.

    If the kid keeps going to camps, he will get plenty more offers. He was the D.B. M.V.P. in Orlando earlier in the year.

    He may work out, he may not . Who knows ?

  4. 6
    Alex Hamilton

    I heard that Kodi Burns was at the agent sponsored party at Frank Gore’s house in Miami. He was there to park cars.

  5. 7

    Nah, you’ll know full well when this jewel makes it onto campus.

    Like when he almost jams a receiver at the line, or almost doesn’t get dragged into the endzone, almost preventing a touchdown.

    I haven’t laughed like that since McElroy connected with Maize to make it 36-0.

    And Julio, to address your question, the answer is “yes”. If I committed to the Tigers today, the AU Rivals site would list me as:

    “A headhunter with a mean streak; a quality player with a tremendous upside.”

    Just more smoke and mirrors for sunshine pumping down on the Plains. Why don’t you even concern yourself with the complete sham your program is? You know, the truth.

    You won three SEC games last season, dropping five. THREE! And you’ve bought in to all the marketing hype? Of course you have. Hope is all you’ve ever had as a Tiger.


    Come Black Friday, come.

  6. 8

    According to every reputable recruiting site, we recruited every bit as well as your team did last year. And that is with your team winning the BCS…..Your the one drinking the cool-aid. Keep thinking we have no talent….We dont have the amount your team has at the moment, but it is changing.

    I wouldnt be so fired up about “Black Friday” if I were you. It almost bit you in the tail last year.

    I like the way we are stacking up this year….Our lines on both sides of the ball are going to be very good. Wait and see.

  7. 9

    I believe you BP. Just remember you’re not chasing a target that’s standing still.

    And the kid may turn out. Still, it was the funniest highlight reel I’ve ever watched.

  8. 11

    ITK, why do you keep referring to it as “Black Friday”? That’s the same thing you did last year (along with cute cartoons of steam rollers, whimsical slogans about “Daddy” being home, and prognostications about how “ugly” it was going to be.) You then proceeded to have a heart attack for 58 1/2 minutes. You won the game, I’ll give you that. Don’t you think you’re engaging in just a bit of hyperbole by again referring to the game as “Black Friday”? Geez, I guess you would refer to the game as “Armageddon” if you actually held a lead for more than 3 minutes of the game.

  9. 13

    “You won the game, I’ll give you that”

    Julio, that was the best Aubie quote I’ve heard in awhile! Thanks for stepping up and acknowledging Bama won the game. That was big of you.


  10. 14

    “I guess you would refer to the game as “Armageddon” if you actually held a lead for more than 3 minutes of the game.”

    This one was pretty good too.

    Let me help you. Football is a game. When you score a touchdown it is 6 points, an extra point is 1 point, and a field goal is 3 points. They play 4 quarters in a football game. At the end of the 4th quarter, whichever team has the most points wins. It doesn’t matter which quarter the points are scored, ONLY WHO HAS THE MOST.

    Share this with the rest of the Auburn Nation and I’m sure they will grasp the concept. Moral victories is just something the press made up. It doesn’t mean you actually won the game, just that you tried really hard, and they feel sorry for you when you lose.

    So please, no more arguments about leading for 58.5 minutes of a game. In the end……so what?!

  11. 15

    Julio, if you didn’t hear the Greg McElroy interview with Paul Finebaum on Wednesday, you may want to give it a listen. It was a great one:


    In it Greg gave props to Auburn for giving it their all, executing a good game plan.

    The biggest mistake Chizdip made last season was not being able to finish the job. The Tigers got Saban’s Alabama team’s attention, and I invite you to pick up the phone and ask Urban Meyer what happens when you get Nick Saban’s attention. Chizdip may not ever get that close again. Ask Les Miles.

    The dipsy doo offense did more than I thought it would, but you continue…continue…to lose sight of the fact that our eyes were firmly planted on Atlanta the next week. Make your joke now, but the rest of the world understands that point clearly while you miss it on cue every time for some reason.

    Though it continues to make me giggle when abarn fans like yourself think they led the “entire 58 1/2″ minutes of the game”. Last time I checked 14-14 was a tie…you know…the score at halftime. But again, why introduce facts to an abarn fan? It only frustrates them.

    So yes, Black Friday will come. And when Abarn hobbles in at 7-4, possibly 6-5, don’t expect anyone in our 102,000 seat, Taj Mahal of a stadium…especially the greatest coach of our time (who has developed a healthy hatred for your program, mind you)…to take them lightly.

    When he sees a gimmick…er, unique…offense for the second time, it’s a bad day for the opponent.

    Ask Tebow, who wasn’t mangled like we smashed him in the SEC Championship game once in his entire career in a Gator uniform.

    Black Friday is coming, Julio. And just as Jordan Jefferson found out in Bryant-Denny last season, when he didn’t want to come back in the game, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

  12. 16

    I do you owe you one apology, though Julio. My reference about having our eyes on the bigger prize in Atlanta was out of line.

    I can’t possibly expect you to understand what it’s like to focus on winning a championship.

    Crystal, douche.

  13. 17

    Not being focused is as bad or worse as not having a game plan. Its Sabans responsibility to have them focused. Looking ahead is inexcuseale..

    Also, it isnt the fact that you alomost lost that game. It was the way you almost lost. Auburn whipped that ass on the line of scrimmage. And you know it.

    Your Heisman winner had what, 35 yards rushing ? richardson had what , 65 yards ?

    Our boys manhandled your boys. Yes you won the game, but, we bloodied your nose pretty bad.

    Had Meyer taken AUs gameplan when they played you, it wouold have been much closer..

  14. 18

    WOw its good to see nothing has changed and most still havent anything better to do. Hello Ladies……….

    Oh and b4 the remarks start I been writing a book is where I been 🙂

  15. 19

    Okay, BP, I’ll take these one by one:

    “Not being focused is as bad or worse as not having a game plan. Its Sabans responsibility to have them focused. Looking ahead is inexcuseale..”

    No, we had a game plan, which was be as vanilla as possible because the BARE MINIMUM we put forth would beat your BEST EFFORT. Grant it, as I’ve said before, it almost backfired on us, but it did work. Our best effort was needed the NEXT week to shelve our 22nd SEC Championship. NOT in your cow pasture.

    Oh, and “inexcuseale” isn’t a word. How you type with your feet is amazing.

    “Also, it isnt the fact that you alomost lost that game. It was the way you almost lost. Auburn whipped that ass on the line of scrimmage. And you know it.”

    Ask Todd if Auburn whipped that ass. If so, when you had the ball on our 40 with nine minutes to play, he wouldn’t have found himself on his back on your 48 the next play. AU couldn’t close the deal because they couldn’t dominate the line of scrimmage. We both know it, but you’re stupid and live in a fantasy world you’ve created for yourself because you can’t cope.

    “Your Heisman winner had what, 35 yards rushing ? richardson had what , 65 yards ?”

    It was a hard fought game, but after the first 10 minutes of the game, when you had all “them tricky plays saved up for your personal version of the super bowl”, you had nothing left. One busted coverage early in the 3rd led to your last presence in the game. As for our running attack, we didn’t have much of one, but again, see my first point. The Gators were our objective for the whole year, and it showed the next week. Not abarn.

    “Our boys manhandled your boys. Yes you won the game, but, we bloodied your nose pretty bad.”

    This is called a moral victory. Get your t-shirt yet? And manhandling means you can convert when it counts. Driving the field, gobbling up clock when AU is desperate to stop us is what manhandling looks like. If you missed it, you’ll see it 4-5 times this Black Friday.

    “Had Meyer taken AUs gameplan when they played you, it wouold have been much closer..”

    Not sure what “wouold” is, but had Bama viewed the Gators in the same manner we regarded AU, you may have something there. In contrast, we respected them. Nobody respects abarn. But historically, why should they? Oh! You had a running back that stuttered way back in the 80’s. I forgot.

    Now quick, BP. Tell me you just handed me something or other.

  16. 20

    ITK, you truly cannot help yourself. You blurt out excuses like an alcoholic trying to explain why he didn’t show up for work. Are you incapable of simply acknowledging “Wow, the other team had a good game plan and they really came to play”? No, you have to dismiss every point scored against Bama as a blown call, an unfair short week of prep time, looking ahead to another game, or a conspiracy to control traffic and the weather.

    You also once again try to dismiss good play calling as “trickery”, as though that somehow doesn’t count. Would Saban’s dumba$$ fake punt call have “counted” in the Tex game had it worked? Oh, but that’s different because….????? Did Julio Jones long td against LSU when Petersen was out with cramps count? After all, that was a “busted coverage”, and according to you those don’t count.

    BTW, when the #$@! did I ever say that AU had the lead for 58 1/2 minutes?? I said you ran your mouth and then had a heart attack, and that Bama didn’t have the lead until 58 1/2 minutes.

  17. 22

    Life is good. Bama is winning championships and Auburn is winning moral victories.

    They will try to forget the Saban era like they try to forget the Bryant era.

  18. 23

    Congrats Omni. Writing or editing a book is a major project. I can understand wanting to be away from distractions.

    What was the project? And when can we find it in bookstores?

  19. 25

    Julio, I seriously have acknowledged Auburn’s game plan as being executed almost perfectly, but would you like a certificate of some kind?

    The game plan or their effort has never been at question with me.

    Bama’s lack of focus played as much a factor as anything, and I just contend a lack of focus will not come into play this season. There were other distractions on that day as well that won’t be factors this year either. Call this anything you want, but while you busily try to connect the dots into meaning this year’s game will be just as close, I see a different outcome.

  20. 26

    ITK……….Its good to know that I struck a nerve badly enough to have you go line by line and try to explain what really happened.

    For you to sit there and say that Alabama was only going to do enough to win shows only brick wall stupidity. Im almost certain that Nick Saban would disagree with you as well.

    Yes, you got me, I type with my feet.

  21. 27

    ITK, this is truly funny. You just did it again and you can’t even see yourself doing it. You give credit to the opponent, but you just can’t help yourself. You have to follow-up that up with “but…” and then continue with lame excuses. You are incapable of simply giving credit to the other team for planning and effort and saying nothing more (even when you win the freakin’ game.)

    Football is a game of a million tiny and large factors. You love to pick and parcel which ones matter and which ones don’t when it suits your argument. If Colt McCoy gets knocked out early in the the game after driving the length of the field, then you’ll say injuries are simply a part of the game and that doesn’t change a thing (which I agree with). I cannot begin to imagine the pathetic excuses you would have spouted had McElroy been injured early in the 4th qtr of the Iron Bowl and Bama lost that game. (Oh, but Star Jackson or AJ McCarron would have been able to pull off that final drive also, right??)

  22. 28

    BP, I went line by line because you’re too stupid to process a set of sentences and paragraphs that aren’t broken up for you.

    And that you don’t understand the concept of a game plan just proves you don’t belong in conversation with me.

    Nobody does “just enough” to win, but they do implement a game plan that exposes the other team’s weaknesses. AU played lights out that day, and deserve credit.

    But they LOST. End of story. Move on. And get ready for the beatdown November 26.

    (Oh yeah, I forgot, because last year’s game was close, you have a chance THIS year. Don’t know how many times I told myself that in the Shula years. Guess what? I have a Ph.D. in the fact that this logic ain’t true.)

  23. 29

    Julio, we’ll never know the truth about your little scenario because Abarn doesn’t possess the talent to knock anyone out of a game…without a chop block or hitting the kicker late, I mean.

    Now please write me another dissertation, and tell me where to mail the “Abarn was THIS close!” achievement certificate.

  24. 30

    “(Oh yeah, I forgot, because last year’s game was close, you have a chance THIS year. Don’t know how many times I told myself that in the Shula years. Guess what? I have a Ph.D. in the fact that this logic ain’t true.)”…unless of course it’s Bama playing Florida close in 08, whereby ITK will then swear that the 08 close game was the very catalyst that was needed to propel the Tide to victory the very next year. Pick and parcel ITK, pick and parcel.

  25. 31

    No, we weren’t the better team in ’08, but were in ’09.

    Talk out your butt, Julio, talk out your butt.

  26. 33

    Oh, I thought it was because Saban needed the 08 game to personally observe Urban Meyer’s offense so he could then have a full year to prepare for it. Yes, I’m sure I’ve heard someone regurgitate that over and over and over and over and over, but who could it have been???

  27. 35

    ITK……….Your consistant if nothing else. I dont think ant AU fan Ive spoken to thought of losing last years Iron bowl as a moral victory. Unlike the 04 Bama Nation. You would have thought yall won the BCS for only losing by the 7 or 10 or whatever it was. Then in 06 or 07 , whenever JPW came in becasue the game was over to sub for Croyle. He threw that T.D. and thats all we heard for a year….Its just funny seeing the change in attutde when your on the other side.

  28. 36

    BP, I’ll respond to your last idiotic post about “no AU fan thought of last year’s Iron Bowl like a moral victory” B.S. with your own words, post #17 of this very thread:

    “Our boys manhandled your boys. Yes, you won the game, but, we bloodied your nose pretty bad.”

    Your honor, the defense rests.

  29. 37

    didnt auburns self proclaimed “best running back in the state” have only 45 yards rushing in the iron bowl? and as far as manhandling goes just refer back to that 15 play 79 yard game winning drive in which auburns defense was gettin bitch slapped all over the field.on THEIR FIELD! in THEiR HOUSE! thats 2844 inches of being treated like a door mat.piss on everybodys escuses ALABAMA won 26 is always more than 21 no matter how you aubs slice it

  30. 38

    BPI, it’s always cute when ITK awards himself a victory in an argument. For God sakes, ITK, at least let one of these bammer homers say you won. It’s not hard, they’ll get your back no matter how stupid your argument is. Geez, you even have EG’s back when he defends racism simply because he’s a bammer.

  31. 39

    What’s cute is when you don’t have a leg to stand on so you resort to middle school-type retorts. I don’t recall “awarding” myself anything Julio.

    Guess everyone wants to be near a champion if they can’t be one themselves.

  32. 40

    Julio and BP, does it suck EVERY day you wake up knowing your god, abarn football, will never be the best, or do you just get used to that realization through the years?

    Quick! Ignore the reality of the question and say something witty!

  33. 41

    ITK, it is really no use to argue with these guys. I know it can be fun at times, but having someone argue with trying to discredit Alabama while propping up Auburn is a no win. If they can’t understand our multi All-Americans, Iron Bowl win, Heisman Trophy Winner, Butkus Winner, SEC Champions, and National Champions….all in 2009, then what else can you say? Other than they are stupid. Literally, they are STUPID. Hell, I’ve argued with them many times and I’ve just got to remind myself to never argue with a stupid person.

    Plus, they don’t even realize they are stupid. You can point it out to them by their dumb comments, but they just keep talking.

  34. 42

    I know 13, but it’s Saturday and I had the time today.

    Like when you stroll through the monkey exhibit at the zoo and bang on the glass for no reason. That’s all I’m doing.

  35. 43

    I am not a witty person , more of an in-your-face kind of guy. Anyhow…You pull partof one sentence out of one post and you take it out of context. I have said in many other posts that we lost. Your team scored the most points, and was clearly the better team. If there was any confusionn about that, what I just said should clarify any misinterpretation. That being said, we were more physical that day. The rushing stats , along with Igram pulling himself out of the game are proof enough. We stopped you from doing what you do best last year..Run the football. Yes, your team was better, ours was more physical that day. I would rather have won the game and been less physical.

    You are looking for smoke where there is no fire.

    77 I can add and subtract. Its halarius the way you try to be ITKs wingman. You and eggy need to get into another curse laden sperm fest and leave the real debate to the adults.

  36. 45

    Hope in the butt wins this year cause all that sparkle that just splashed out of his mouth was as retarded as I have ever heard. So why did little Nicky get splacked by Utah and the same type spread offense that most schools run?

    Little Nicky and the great big brown Elephant had to shit out nearly a gooseegg in the second half of that game. Must say that was the best game in 2007. AU is a giant killer, always has been. We show up for some games and not for others. We beat an 06 NC Florida team with a senior QB and senior line while AL rednecks were getting teabagged by some NEW La Tech Caguns. Remember that process?

    We will be back, count on it and then when Nicky gets beat and flies the coop, it will be back to normal, AU kickin that ass. Blowtide punks, I’m out like your momma (fat woman) in dodgeball.

  37. 47

    Broke Playa Incarcerated an adult? hahahahahahahaha you are right about the not being witty part. itk dont need a wing man and i sure as hell dont need anybody to back me up. you mentioned ingrams rushing performance but omitted tates so i had to say something. auburns fans have so many excuses about that game its sad….well IF this had happened or i know bama won the game BUT…. if ifs and buts were cocks and nuts all you aubs would be getting gangbanged on the daily!

  38. 48

    Is your momma proud 77 ? No, shes not.

    Whats funny is Mullen saying hes had more #1 quarterbacks in the spread than Saban. How can anyone argue with that ?

  39. 52

    Are you saying that you have never brought up the “spread quarterbacks dont prosper in the NFL” arguement ? Or, the ” spread quarterbacks dont get drafted by the NFL” arguement ?

  40. 53

    broke pimp leave my momma out of this and ill leave my dick out of yo momma! alex smith bust tim tebow gonna be a bust he wasnt head coach either time so if mullen wants to take credit for those two in the NFL hell have at it gomer. oh yea chris leak was drafted too not a first rounder but bust!

  41. 54

    broke pimp leave mommas out of this and ill leave my dick out of yo momma! alex smith bust tim tebow gonna be a bust.chris leak no first rounder but you guessed it bust. yea he really gets em ready dont he.keep up the good work coach mulligan!

  42. 55

    77 , is that your I.Q. ? Seriously, the constant obsession with goobers and sperm kinda makes me wonder wich way you swing. If you cant at least bring something to the table, shut up and leave the big boy talk to the people who have some intellegence.

    Nevermind that Mullen was the quarterbacks coach at Utah and Florida…..Yeah, I could see why you would think he had nothing to do with Alex Smith and Tim Tebows developement ( rolling eyes). And, Socrates, we arent talking about NFL production ( Smith isnt that bad and Tebow hasnt played a game), we are talking about draft status in how it relates to them coming from a “spread” offense. I know thats over your head, and you will respond with a goober or sperm comment, but, maybe one day the bulb will light up over your pea sized brain.

  43. 56

    I think I can calrify this fued between ITK and BPI and Julio.

    Alabama has Nick Saban as a head coach.
    Auburn has Gene Chizik as a head coach.
    If you cant readily see the difference between these two head coaches, you have went blind.

  44. 58

    Nick Saban championship caliber coach like Bear Bryant.

    Gene Chizik. Hopefully a good Coach in the making ( kinda like Doug Barfield.)
    Cant you see the difference?
    Cant you see the ocean of difference between these 2 men?
    Cant you see that every coach at Bama currently has a national Championship ring, some have been successful coaching in the professional ranks?
    Cant you see that the greatest assistant coach at Auburn isnt even as good as the most mediocre coach at Alabama?
    Do you honestly think that they make enough steroids to make Auburn a contender for anything above 3rd place in the SEC west this year?
    Are you f**king Ray Charles?

    Auburn will make it to a mid level bowl only becasue they have a limpwristed schedule. They will do their dead level best to make sure taht bowl game is a gainst a patsy, and then they will proclaim next year as being the “big year” at Auburn. And dumba** yokels will eat it up like pacakes with syrup. Wise up Aubbo dumbass.
    You are a sucker. A rube, a patsy, someone played for a joke by a buch of redneck morons in Lee County alabama….. Cant you see that?

  45. 59

    Come on you Auburn guys. You really think 1 good recruiting class is all that it will take to even up with Bama now? That is stretching it a bit.

    And Ballplay, do you still think Auburn has accomplished more than Bama in your lifetime?

    I think it is great that Auburn is getting some positive preseason talk. How many times has Auburn choked after that? Auburn is always better when they are kicked around and treated like an underdog by the media. That is Auburns traditional role, the underdog. We all know what Bamas role is. All of you younger bandwagon Auburn fans are about to understand what Alabama football is all about.

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