Need some distraction from agentgate?

Worried about agentgate? Want to think about something else? Why not worry about the economy (see story below) or laugh at Les Miles in this audio clip that features the coach talking about the oil spill. (thanks for sending that one in!)

For those who like to worry:


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    Yessiree! That’s one “sincere” oil spill!

    If only the cap on that well fit as tightly as the one on Les Miles’ head, which is obviously TOTALLY blocking the flow of oxygen to his brain.

  2. 2

    “The markets are more paranoid than the Fed is about the economy’s health,” said David Resler”

    “Consumers have cut spending. Businesses, uncertain about the strength of their own sales or the economic recovery, are sitting on cash, reluctant to beef up hiring and expand operations. A stalled housing market, near double-digit unemployment and an edgy Wall Street shaken by Europe’s debt crisis are other factors playing into the economic slowdown.”

    it’s not paranoia if the threat is real.


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    The Experts said that the Great Recession would be an double dipper – that’s how it’s playing.
    I think that the Government is tapped out.
    All we can wait on is the New President……

  4. 4
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Get real! Six months of stagnant football news. No more sports played in stadiums of any kind for 6 more weeks. And by the grace of God we have this media frenzy about a ‘pimp’, er ‘preditor’, er ‘asshole’ attack on our football team. And you are nuts enough to think we need relief? And talking about the stinking economy is your idea of relief? You need to lay off the hallucinogenic drugs dude! RTR!

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