Tuberville is working hard! Really!

Tommy Tuberville is working hard.


According to ESPN via Team Speed Kills, “I think Tuberville and his staff are a little scary,” one Big 12 assistant coach said. “They are really doing a great job in the state of Texas. He has brought that SEC mentality of grinding and grinding when it comes to recruiting. They are a lot tougher than I thought they would be and it’s certainly different then [former coach Mike] Leach and his staff.”

The former Auburn Tiger coach is busy recruiting in the Little 12 (formerly known as the Big XII).

I guess there isn’t any prime duck hunting out there.

Perhaps having a supportive administration was enough to energize Tommy Tuberville again. The Auburn environment was draining. Tuberville held power only through the goodwill of the fans. As everyone saw, that wasn’t a very safe foundation.

Of course, it wasn’t all Auburn’s fault. Tuberville became complacent. Kicking Mike Shula in the teeth was much easier than facing a relentless Nick Saban at the helm of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Tuberville didn’t recognize how he squandered much of his advantage until it was too late. His desperate move to hire Tony Franklin proved his undoing.

But today is a new day. Tuberville is reportedly out there hustling.

That is good for Texas Tech.