Tuberville is working hard! Really!

Tommy Tuberville is working hard.


According to ESPN via Team Speed Kills, “I think Tuberville and his staff are a little scary,” one Big 12 assistant coach said. “They are really doing a great job in the state of Texas. He has brought that SEC mentality of grinding and grinding when it comes to recruiting. They are a lot tougher than I thought they would be and it’s certainly different then [former coach Mike] Leach and his staff.”

The former Auburn Tiger coach is busy recruiting in the Little 12 (formerly known as the Big XII).

I guess there isn’t any prime duck hunting out there.

Perhaps having a supportive administration was enough to energize Tommy Tuberville again. The Auburn environment was draining. Tuberville held power only through the goodwill of the fans. As everyone saw, that wasn’t a very safe foundation.

Of course, it wasn’t all Auburn’s fault. Tuberville became complacent. Kicking Mike Shula in the teeth was much easier than facing a relentless Nick Saban at the helm of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Tuberville didn’t recognize how he squandered much of his advantage until it was too late. His desperate move to hire Tony Franklin proved his undoing.

But today is a new day. Tuberville is reportedly out there hustling.

That is good for Texas Tech.


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    That is certainly one interpretation. We know they don’t take football as seriously as in the SEC, so it does make sense that even a lazy Tommy Tuberville would look like he is working his ass off in comparison to the really lazy coaches out west.

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    With T.T. calling the shots, the people at Texas Tech will have something that will blow their minds…….A real defense. They have never seen one of those before. Even in 08 when we stunk, our defense was good.

  3. 4

    I admit that the Red Raiders will be better in the future even without the offensive genius of Leach. Tubbs probably doesn’t have the personnel that he wants but give him a couple of years and I can almost guarantee they will be battling for first place in the Big-12/10 South.

    I just want Texas Tech on Alabama’s schedule in a couple of years – not when they’re “weak”.

  4. 5

    So the argument could be made that hiring the “Coach Gus malzahn spread offense” is another desperate move by a coach who is praying for instant results?
    That the way it looks to me. But what do I know. I still think that Gus malzahn is the poor man’s version of Tony Franklin.

  5. 6

    Auburn V. Texas Tech. A game for the ages. But it will never happen Tommy Tuberville is too scared of Gene Chizik.
    Isnt it amazing how the forward thinkiers recruit the best coaches in the Little 12 while simultaneously getting rid of a dead weight drop kick coach like Tuberville.
    You know why bammers…. I ‘ll tell you why. The Auburn Family is for winners. Gene Chizik is a winner and Tommy Tuberville is a loser.

    6 in a row!!!!

  6. 7

    Tubby was at the right place at the right time. Does anyone honestly think that Auburn would have that 2004 season if it wasn’t for Alabama’s probation? During that period we lost recruits that ended up at Auburn because of it. It’s all water under the bridge, but the point is….I don’t think Tubby is that good of a coach. Him and the BBQ boys lucked out at Auburn, and I really don’t think he will do much at Texas Tech. He could prove me wrong…..

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    I think the biggest problem with Ol Tommy T is that he wouldnt follow Bobby and Pat’s advice on how to procure top talent. Luckily Gene Chizik has Bobby and Pat to help him out along with that guy who just recently cam,e back Wayne. Now old Wayne has been accused of cheating for Auburn way back when he worked for Pat Dye but after 10 years everyone has to forget stuff like that (It is an obscure NCAA bylaw)
    And luckily we got the Trooper Taylor. I know… Alot of yall bammers think no one in Lee County knew who the hell trooper tayler was 2 years ago. But he came to auburn to go to work so now he is the greatest recruiter ever. Phil Charles and a few others will tell you…. Or just ask the Birmingham news soemtime.

  8. 9

    13………Im gonna reveal a revalation to you……It was Alabama’s fault they were PUT ON PROBATION IN THE FIRST PLACE…..Not AU’s . So its not like that was out of your own control…No different than crappy coaching hires, of wich you also did…..That excuse is old and quite lame.

  9. 11

    Yes, the probation was Alabama’s fault… Which resulted in scholarship losses which resulted in depth issues. Kinda like Auburn fans claiming they have no depth even though it was Tubby, not the NCAA, that caused that problem. As soon as the NCAA got off Bama’s back and we started recruiting full classes (even under Shula), Auburn started the downward slide. Then Saban kicks it up a notch, and Auburn can’t compete. The admin at Auburn knew Tubby was no match for a full strength Bama team, so they got rid of him. Thus, is the reason why I don’t think Tubby will set the world on fire at Texas Tech, he’s might be a good coach, but not one that will win any championships (unless Texas and Oklohoma get put on probation at the same time). Hell, Auburn thinks Chizik is a better coach than Tubby…What does that tell you!

  10. 12

    I dont think he is a better coach , at least not yet…..He is a better recruiter…..By far…..Tubbs was let fo for duck hunting when he shlould have been recruiting, and snubbing his nose at the administration….then 35-0 was an easy decision on their part….As far as a ” Full strength bama”…Remember who has an overall winning record vs your world beater coach…..thats right….his daddy Tommy T…..

  11. 13

    Pulling useless statistics out of your a ss won’t deny the fact of the up and downs of the Crimson Tide football program.

    I totally agree with 13 – we suffered for nearly a decade due to probation & horrible coaching. I would love to see Aubarn go through that and talk sh it about a “streak” that no longer means anything in the current status of U of A. A BCS National Championship trumps all the bullsh it the barners can spew.

    Envy will eat at the soul with time. RTR beta program.

  12. 14

    Tubby was the most successful coach Auburn ever had, besides Shug Jordan. After Jordan came Doug Barfield, who recruited well (Joe Cribbs among others), but couldn’t ever beat Bear.

    I can’t help but think that just maybe Chizik is the next Doug Barfield. Can recruit good, but won’t beat Saban. Unlike Auburn fans, I don’t know the future. I’m just speculating.

    Dye is like Tubby too…. Happen to be at the right place at the right time. (Post Bryant transition years).

  13. 16

    BPI Says:
    July 16th, 2010 at 1:59 pm
    I dont think he is a better coach , at least not yet…..He is a better recruiter…..By far…..

    I’am Sorry….WTF DID YOU JUST SAY?

    Chizik and Co have only one (thats 1) top 5 class collectively among the whole lot of them before they came to Auburn. The rest of the time they were lucky if ANY OF THEM RECRUTIED A TOP 20 CLASS. And suddenly when they get to LEE County they have become world beaters on the recruiting trail? That is preposterous.

    BPI. I will tell you who is the great recruiter. Ben Franklin. If it werent for Ben, and his freinds Ullyses, and Andrew. Chizzy, mallzy, and Trooper would be gone like sh it through a goose.

  14. 17

    If you are gonna say that T.T. is a good recruiter, your brick wall stupid….And , truthfully, your brick wall stupid if you dont…Tommy was a good gameday coach. He was an excellent defensive coach….Chiz, is umproven, so I give the edge to Tommy….So does the rest of the world as well, except for you.

  15. 18

    Why do you even write sports articles?

    Saban got beat by Tuberville the first time out. Auburn didn’t stomp Alabama for a little over half a decade because Alabama sucked. It was because Auburn had a great coach and a great team.

    Tuberville had to leave. He coached at Auburn for 10 years.

    As an Auburn fan, I care more about our football team than any oil spill or wars we have going on. That kind of pressure is too much to take after 10 years.

    Don’t act like Auburn was just beating Alabama because of Mike Shula.

  16. 19

    Aubarn was beating Alabama because of probation – I know season ticket holders at Jordan-Hare who confess to that. You must have lost your damn mind – we fcked up and paid dearly for it and u gained from it – don’t deny that – that’s a fact. Tubbs WAS the better coach absolutely – that’s the story and I’m sticking to it – have fun battling LSU or Arkansas for 2nd place in the West from here on out.

  17. 20

    Nice try at revisionist history there sickboy. Tuberville was fired. You can’t believe that crap about him “quitting” and then being paid his buyout. If you do, I have a bridge to sell you.

    Tuberville got complacent in recruiting and it hurt the program. When he got his ass kicked by Saban the game was over. He got canned because he failed to build bridges with the powers within the Auburn family. You know, the ones that tried to fire him in Jetgate.

    Auburn was winning because Tuberville was a good coach, but you guys were so stupid you fired him and hired Mr. 5-19. Have fun with that that. While a change was probably a wise move, getting Mr. 5-19 was perhaps the worst thing your school could have done. You surrendered a good coach for a joke.

    As for Auburn’s streak, you are right. It wasn’t just Mike Shula. There were sanctions and there was some good coaching by Tuberville.

    Now you don’t have a good coach, and you don’t have probation and you don’t have Mike Shula.

    In other words, it sucks to be you.

  18. 21

    Capstone’s right.
    Tuberville was not the greatest recruiter in the world but he managed to sell Auburn to a lot of recruits. He almost always managed to field a good defense out of what he was recruiting. His sole weakness was always the offense.

    Chizik on the other hand…. Well you dont get a record like that with loses to 3rd teir teams by being a great coach. Chizik might be able to iron out the defense. And M<alzahn might be able to razzle dazzle the cream puffs on the schedule but this is still the SEC. Steve Spurrier said it best "Even the waterboys can run"
    Chizik was actually a stop gap measure while The jetgate crew does what they do, try to lure in marquee coaches behind the current coaching administrations back.
    IF Auburn were to hire a Steve Spurrier and get out of his way… throw all of thier resources behind him and get rid of the Jetgate crew, Auburn would be powerful. Other wise Auburn will continue doing what they do best…. Being mediocre and wishing people would heap respect on them for it.

  19. 22

    Lookat most of the last 15 years and you can see the results of arrogance…. Just look to the west. Tuscaloosa was the author of its onwn demise.
    But finally one day somebody got the bright idea of “if you want to be among the best, you have to do what they do.”
    Things like Hire a proven winner for a coach. give him the time and resources to get teh job done and MOST IMPORTANTLY…STAY THE F**K OUT OF HIS WAY!
    We are always going to have disagreement. but I can tell you right now… they only reason why Gene Chizik is in auburn is becasue Auburn fans and Alumni were screaming for a coach right then.
    If Aubur would have taken a little bit longer then they would be in a lot better place in the future. As it stands. Auburn is 5 years behind Nick Saban. And after this recruiting class it will be even more…

  20. 23

    Yew mean Tub will thro down his cell phone
    an grab a shotgun the first quack he hears.
    If ah’d knowed that….. Naw we got him
    fer a millyun a year less than Leach.
    Sides that he come highly recumended by
    the highest moral authority, Crag (50 calls
    per week to coaches about Baby Adam)James.
    We sittin purty now. We done got one them
    SEC defince coaches. Wheeeeweeeee.

  21. 24

    tmc……….your insane. Spurrier needs to go to the glue factory. He could go to Notre Dame and be given an unlimited bankroll and he would still be done.

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