Thursday afternoon is busy

Lots of big stories this afternoon. First in football news, the University of Alabama is in contract extension talks with athletic director Mal Moore. According to the Bama Beat, “A deal is in the works that would extend Moore’s contract beyond its current expiration date of June 30, 2011, according to multiple sources.”

And in totally non-sports news, but of interest to some. From Reuters:


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    Forget BP. I’m just glad Goldman is out of the woods. Goldman did nothing wrong, but the SEC needed a scalp.

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    two factors with bp:

    many companies have a “dead cat bounce” in the market when they hit bottom. look at healthsouth after the scrushy revelations. ditto the banks after the crash and subsequent public flogging by the obama admin. bp was an opportunity many have cashed in on.

    two, the obama administration has been in bed with bp and it is to their advantage to protect bp. obama’s bp payment “czar” is out there begging people not to sue bp. the holder justice dept. has been put on red alert looking to intervene in lawsuits that might bankrupt bp.

    the obama administration has clamped down on images taken by the press of oiled birds and other creatures in the gulf. who does this protect, bp or the feds??? easy answer: all the above. since the rig explosion and the subsequent spill, obama’s numbers are in the tank. therefore, the narrative must be changed. the mcchrystal thing fell into their laps. ditto the arizona thing. if we the people continue to see images of oiled wildlife in the gulf it jades our view of those in charge. that must go away too.

    the “woods” are bp’s, as well as obama’s, friend right now.

    most can’t see the forest for all the trees obama is throwing at them right now.

    ditto goldman-sachs. how many cabinet members and advisors to obama have ties to gs???

    bp, gs, ge, citigroup. what do they all have in common???

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    listening to the president this friday morn.

    is he speaking as the president or as ceo of bp???

    or both?

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