Satan, Jay Barker & Sara Evans

Divorce sucks. Divorce with children involved really sucks. You can see how much it sucks in the dispute between Jay Barker, Sara Evans and Evans’ ex-husband Craig Schelske. TMZ provides court documents this morning that are shocking and depressing.

According to TMZ’s story, Sara Evans’ Ex—I am not possessed by Satan!, Schelske provides alleged text messages exchanged with former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Jay Barker. According to TMZ, “In the docs, Schelske claims Barker — a former NFL player — has been sending harassing text messages, like: ‘Satan is controlling your thoughts and actions. You are what Jesus stood against … The things I have seen with my own mind is a man possessed by Satan … Away from us Satan!!!’”

You can view a pdf of the documents here.

It contains comments like this: “You would have been one of the ones that persecuted our Savior and nailed him to the Cross because of your holier than thou attitude.”

And this: “You can’t win with me on theology or lifestyle.”

I don’t doubt that. Jay is famous for his humility, and knowledge of Scripture.

However, the tone of the alleged text message makes Jay Barker look like an arrogant ass. Jay needs to show some of this fire when debating Auburn fans on his radio show. Using this type of fire in dealing with such a personal matter might not be the best way to win a soul to God’s Kingdom, and Jay said this was what he believed his purpose was. According to the alleged message, “I believe God brought me into your life to encourage you to truly develop a relationship with Him for the sake of ur kids.”

Nothing shows the love of Christ like a text message rebuke. Nothing.


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  1. 1

    There aint no telling what that dude did to provoke both Sarah and Jay….Im Orange and LBur ot the core , but Jay Barker is the real deal…We only see what he says , probably in reaction.

  2. 2

    I don’t like Pastor Jay . He is a no talent S.O.B. that has lived off his Ring with Bama and now as Mr.Jay Evans. I’ve had to earn my money the OLD FASHIONED WAY – so his gig with WJOX makes me sick. Tell the Truth. What does Jay bring to the Program ? Hell. Seems to me is on Vacation all the Time or laying off. Yup. Life is real good for the “Filler in Twinkies” like Jay.
    He has shown on the Program that he will sell out his Past quickly to ass kiss the right situation.
    The Problem in the Past was Business Loans from Bobby Lowder and Colonial. This is what really toned down Jay.
    Moe’s In Vestavia was financed by Colonial. Guess who was part owner ?
    I’m starting to like Jay’s Ex-Wife Amy more and more…..

  3. 3

    Good grief pluto….Just because the man doesnt hate Auburn with a passion the way most of you inbred tards do is no reason to tar and feather him. He is a talk show host…..Some talkshow hosts actually try to be un b-biased. As far as the Moes deal goes….That just dont make sense….You envision the man with Bobby Lowwder in a smoke filled back romm with an AU shirt on throwing darts at Bahrs picture dont ya ? Its business dude.

  4. 5
    alex hamilton

    Jay is less than stellar on the radio and he adds little to nothing to the conversation because he is so accepting of Auburn fans. However, he is a good guy. If he had any sense, he would ignore Sarah’s ex. It’s really tough to do, but it would allow for all that crap to die down eventually.

    The best way to deal with people sometimes is to ignore them.

  5. 7

    I have to say that Jay Barker’s show in the morning with his sidekicks is absolutely horrible. It is composed of three guys trying to talk over each other with three different personalities that do NOT merit chemistry. Religious tones and agendas plague this morning show all complete with non-stop commercial breaks with the dumbest callers on the face of this earth who have “time” to hold on the phone for at least an hour all to kiss ass or ask already known questions.

    As far as the Hollywood escalades that surround Mr. Evans – you get what you reap. All the preaching in the world can’t hide true arrogance. I appreciate his service to our beloved Crimson Tide – but to pimp the ring for 17 years has worn its’ course.

  6. 8

    the morning drive is a clunker.

    listen to matt murphy. he matters. the first hour with val vining is the best morning radio in town since tc and john ed.

    momma nem forever!

  7. 9

    Mrs.and Mr.Sara Evans are both a couple of fame hungry idiots! This whole story of the “innocent country singer” and her new little kiss ass wifey has really played itself onto a total snore. They both so clearly crave and live for the fame and drama its pathetic! But then again I guess anyone with failing careers would do whatever it takes to try to keep their name in the papers hoping it will be the one thing that will help them soar to fame. In their case its all just a pathetic snooze fest! I think its time they do something useful with their freaking lives like keeping their childrens best interest in mind. This should be the priority in their lives not what ridiculous dramatic made up lie about her ex they can send into their friends at People magazine in hopes of a few more minutes of fame. What an arrogant, self serving couple of people! Its disgusting and sad! What a miserable existence.

  8. 11

    Bama fans are without a doubt the biggest no class inbreds in the CFB world….Who are you to form an opinion on the man from hearing what one media source has to say ? All the man has done is give your University a real national championship out of the 20 you claim.

    How about I take a couple of phone conversations from you peoples lives and then form my own opinion on how you treat your kids ? See how stupid that makes you look ?

    Jay Barker is a alright guy…Who among us does not have personality flaws ?

  9. 12

    Jay Barker is not a decent guy BPI! As someone who knows the couple well I can tell you that they are a couple of self absorbed two faced nobodies who have no concern for anything but themselves! Sara is so caught up in her own lies that she believes them now and she has convinced Jay to believe all the crap as well! Its great to listen to a bunch of people defend two people they don’t even know! Don’t you have any sense about the entertainment industry!?! Its just that! Entertainment! They show you what they want you to see and think. They are nothing like what they portray to the media. They are great actors! They should try to find a career in that! They would probably be more successful considering lying and faking it is what come most naturally to both of them. Even the wool gets pulled over my eyes at time and I KNOW the truth about them so what does that tell you?!? Lord people!! Its sick!

  10. 13

    ds I am so sure you know them personally. If Jay was such a fake and so good at acting his radio show would not suck.

  11. 15

    Taxman, you are exactly the kind of person I’m talking about. The fact is I do know them. Why else would I give a crap about letting people like you know the truth? There’s no point in arguing with people like you anyhow because you have no idea what you’re talking about. What is happening in this situation is horrible and nobody but the kids are suffering. Get a freaking clue my God!

  12. 16

    Did he sign your Bama t-shirt at Wal-Mart or something, so now you “know him” ? Please dude….Even if you really “knew him” , and you dont, you really dont know anyone unless they are close friends or family…..Dream on stalker.

  13. 17

    Yea he signed my t shirt at walmart. That’s super original. The industry is small just like your mind and being in it means you know a lot of people. You have no freaking idea what goes on. Its worse than politics. Where do you get off saying he is such a good guy? You said yourself you can only really know someone if you are family or friends which I can assume you are not so how can you know what a good guy he is? From listening to his talk show or seeing them on CMT. My point exactly.

  14. 18

    If you were ever raised in a House that had a lot of Drama – I can tell you that it is a living hell for Children.
    So that is what it is all about – as far as I’m concerned – The Children.
    They should never be used to satisfy any Agenda.
    Jay – Sara – and the Ex-Schlub will have to atone for the mental shit that they are putting on those Kids….

  15. 19

    ds, I hear you and believe you. It’s sad to have watched him become what he is, but simply put he is not comfortable in his own skin and craves attention to soothe his insecurities. The only thing he loves more than an autograph request is a hat.

  16. 20

    As someone who went through a nasty divorce, I can tell you a red flag went up with me when Sara Evans went straight to the media about whatever her ex did (or did not do). She threw her kid’s dad under the bus, which is what self-absorbed people do; sacrifice their kids for their agenda. I was a big fan of hers till then and haven’t bought or listened to her music since. My only thought about Jay is he is not talented on the radio and was a QB on a great Bama team…that’s about it.

  17. 21

    I know Sara and Craig both personally….this whole mess has dragged on long enough. Yeah Yeah, say what you want…say I don’t know them, but yeah I do!

    I can absolutely 100% guarantee you that Craig is not the person Sara made him out to be. Me and Craig have emailed many times over the years and spoken at length many times. Same with Sara. Of course I still think the world of Sara and her music and have seen her a couple of times since the divorce, but after the “Born To Fly” album came out in the early 2000’s, Sara seemed to forget about everything, well…except Sara! She finally got that “success” and thought she was a diva! Yes, Sara is an exceptional artist with an amazing voice, but this has gone too far. For example, the last time I saw Sara which was last year, she didn’t even recognize me or acknowledge me at first. She always knew my name and called me by name…it took her brother having to tell her who I was…she let the fame go to her head BIG TIME over the years! Sadly, her career has flopped since the divorce and these accusations coming out as nothing but false against Craig. I’m not saying Craig is perfect, but he is not the “Porn Prince” that Sara and the media made him out to be…he is a good father, Christian man, and a genuinely nice guy.

    I’m not saying I won’t ever go see Sara again or not keep in contact with her, but if half of the paparazzi and folks knew the real Sara, you’d see her differently too. Now she’s married a “Bammer!” As an Auburn fan and Auburn Alumni, even I had respect for Jay who was QB of our arch rival Alabama, but this is beyond belief!

    Sara and Jay just need to admit the facts, and do what’s best for the Children! This is insane. This divorce happened almost 5 years ago and she’s still trying to slam him into the mud…who knows, maybe that’s because she hasn’t had a hit since then and needs publicity!!!

    I feel so sorry for Audrey, Avery, and Olivia! I hope rather than arguing about the Good Lord and who is more blessed by him that he will look over those kids!

  18. 22

    So do you think this is a PR stunt or do you think this problem lies more with a “jealousy” factor and feelings that maybe are still there in the relationship?

    Jeez — I’m sitting here talking about someone else’s relationship that I will never be involved in — moving on.

    Met Jay Barker one time — that’s it.

  19. 23

    Thats what Im saying Damage…We dont know. From the outside looking in he does good things for people. But according to these schmucks he is no better than O.J. Simpson.

  20. 24

    I believe that Craig still loves Sara for the kids sake. When Sara filed for divorce it threw Craig for an absolute loop and came all of a sudden out of nowhere while they were in L.A. for Dancing With The Stars while she was on it. With that being said, I do feel this move was somewhat of a publicity stunt and it backfired on her. Sure I still think she has an amazing voice and she has never been anything but beyond nice when interacting with me, but she greatly changed from those “down home country roots” after the Born to Fly album. Once she got those hits off that album she sailed to stardom and I still to this day think she let it get to her head. I even know one of her managers that quit working for her shortly after that album came out because she got such a “big head,” and he didn’t want to deal with it anymore. This guy now works at a Bass Pro Shops last I had heard. Also her former bandleader and myself are pretty close. He has since gone on to bigger and better things as a manager/producer in Nashville, but she even fired him at the prime of her career, because she demanded “perfection” and I guess things just weren’t quite as “Perfect” as Sara wanted! Part of me wants to believe her, because I was a big fan of her music, but when all allegations have been proven false and she’s even admitted in documents that the photos and other stuff about Craig were untrue, what is one to believe.

    Even through the whole process, and after being drug through the mud, Craig tried to reconcile for the sake of the kids and because of how much he truly cared for Sara. Of course he loved Sara, he still does, and he greatly loves those kids. To hear Jay say “MY KIDS” in those recent court documents is just sickening. I always respected Jay and thought he was a fine Christian man and good guy, but after these recent texts and things being brought to light, I’ve taken on a whole new opinion of Jay.

    Sara trashed Craig through this whole ordeal…later admitted there was NO proof of any photos or anything and already paid off the nanny a nice sum in the hundreds of thousands after that came out to be false as well.

    Sara went on to continue to claim Craig never had a job. That is simply FALSE! Sure Sara was the main income for the family, but Craig put everything on hold to manage her, run her management, and was over 90% of the time on the road with her. I simply don’t know how so many of these “affairs” and “infidelity” could occur when they were together all the time. At just about every show I ever went to, Craig would be backstage with Sara during her meet & greets and be at the sound board with her sound man during the concerts. There have also been numerous times we would exchange Instant Messages online and we would meet up at her shows to chat politics and other things, because I myself am very involved in politics. Now was I “Best Friends” with Craig and Sara, well no…but I did keep in contact with them and they both emailed me to congratulate me on graduating from Auburn, and they also sent me a Christmas Card on occasion.

    Craig devoted his life and put his own political career on hold to boost his wife’s career. So saying he didn’t have a job is just silly. He managed all the stuff surrounding her career.

    Craig is a very genuine and nice guy. Like I said, with all the things becoming more and more clear, it’s really hard to believe Sara is the “Good Country Girl” she puts on in her videos and on the entertainment side.

    Sorry for the long post, but I still think this was all a publicity move and ruining the reputation and good name of a good man. I can only go on what I know of Craig and the side that he has been shown to be after this is not the Craig I know.

  21. 25

    Either you are a true person close to this situation or you’ve concocted a complete fiction novel. I believe the first …

    People – this is what real blogging is about and is what drives me to contribute to a site like this. Not even the Birmingham Newa would print this and WJOX would damn sure not discuss these talking points (except for Matt Murphy, same company, different affiliate who was told to shut his mouth by you know who) for fear of public disgrace in the product they are trying to market.

    I must say excellent take on this subject AU dude.

  22. 26

    Thanks Damage…like I said I am not like the world’s “Best Friends” with Craig and Sara, but I do know them and was always a big fan of Sara’s. I’ve seen her over 25 times live and gotten to know her and her family over the years. If and when I hear anything more I’ll keep you guys posted!

  23. 29

    Are you serious? Sara Evans becomes a country music super star, the fame changes her personality, she and her husband divorce because she can’t handle the fame, and she seeks out super star Jay Barker for her second marriage. I guess she thought a former BAMA National Champion QB and host of a local radio program would boost her career even more.

    Oh maybe, it was all part of her elaborate hoax to show the world she wanted to be the spouse of an out spoken Christian, and everyone would forgive her.

    Did you vote for change and graduate from aubarn?

  24. 30

    I have been a Christian for over 25 years and Barker is the one that comes across as a pharisee! What an arogant ass! For him to tell another man that those are his kids is such a dishonorable thing to do! Barker had no idea those text messages were going to hit the press! Makes he and Sara look like total jerks! Maybe he will read the capstone report and get a good idea of what people think of them! And as the Jox show goes…puke

  25. 32

    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the sons of God.”
    Much Grace is required in cases such as this one. Constructive Actions, NOT Destructive words, are what will make the positive difference that the children will remember and later apply, in their own lives. God Bless you all.

  26. 33

    >Jim said
    >What an arogant ass!
    . That’s the language of a Christian ??
    . ________ .
    >For him to tell another man that those are his kids
    . 4 of them are his natural/adopted children.

  27. 34

    Jay Barker is a piece of shit. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who thinks that. Self absorbed isn’t enought to describe him. To hear him talk on the radio, you would think he played 15 years in the NFL, won a couple of Super Bowls, and went to a few pro bowls. But in reality, the “great” Jay Barker wound up being a third string back up on that shitty XFL team. That’s the two faced bullshit that Barker personifies. Here’s a man that spews how great he is and how terrible anyone else is because they don’t live like him, but yet he’ll gladly take a paycheck from the King of trash , Vince MacMahon. He and Sara are perfect for one another. An overrated qb and singer.

  28. 35

    Barker is such a piece of shit. I’m glad someone else sees that besides me. Self absorbed doesn’t even scratch the surface with that guy. to hear him on the radio, you would think he was a 15 year veteran in the NFL. In reality he was just the 3rd string on that shitty XFL team. Anything to get a paycheck, huh jay? Mr. Scruples. I think not. He and Sara are perfect for one another. An overrated QB and singer. Plus, he’s a freaking nut when it comes to that religion, as you all can see. What a whacko!

  29. 36

    Apparently, being a no talent bum who never saw the field in a meaningful game makes Jay a “former NFL player.” It’s also a well-known fact that most of the other players on the 1992 team couldn’t stand Jay, and still don’t like him to this day. Why? Because he is a hypocrite in regards to his religious “beliefs,” and he takes credit for “leading Alabama to a national championship” when, in reality, the 1992 team won in spite of him, not because of him. Heck, after he threw two horrible interceptions in the first half of the title game, the coaches wouldn’t even let him throw another pass.

  30. 37

    Jay Barker is anything but humble, and he’s not a “superstar.” He’s also (spare me the “he’s being persecuted because he’s outspoken about his faith” crap) a freaking religious nut.

  31. 39

    I don’t think he’s a religious nut. I think he’s in a spot none of us will ever be in, so we don’t know how we’d conduct ourselves, truthfully.

  32. 41
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  33. 44

    Went to high school with him. See he’s still singing the “you’re in league with the Devil” tune he sang in high school. Funny to see some things never change!

  34. 45

    I only know of Jay and Sara and have heard mixed things and I’m sure some are true and some are not but what personally disappoints me is that Jay used to be a Very Devout Christian and bragged on how he never had smoke or drank but now he drinks and even bragged about it in People Magazine. Jay also looks very bad physically since he married Sara and I don’t think their marriage is really real. They use each other for fame. I also heard that Jay abused his ex-wife Amy. There were rumors that Amy was having an affair with her tennis teacher which was the reason for the divorce but who knows?

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