Satan, Jay Barker & Sara Evans

Divorce sucks. Divorce with children involved really sucks. You can see how much it sucks in the dispute between Jay Barker, Sara Evans and Evans’ ex-husband Craig Schelske. TMZ provides court documents this morning that are shocking and depressing.

According to TMZ’s story, Sara Evans’ Ex—I am not possessed by Satan!, Schelske provides alleged text messages exchanged with former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Jay Barker. According to TMZ, “In the docs, Schelske claims Barker — a former NFL player — has been sending harassing text messages, like: ‘Satan is controlling your thoughts and actions. You are what Jesus stood against … The things I have seen with my own mind is a man possessed by Satan … Away from us Satan!!!’”

You can view a pdf of the documents here.

It contains comments like this: “You would have been one of the ones that persecuted our Savior and nailed him to the Cross because of your holier than thou attitude.”

And this: “You can’t win with me on theology or lifestyle.”

I don’t doubt that. Jay is famous for his humility, and knowledge of Scripture.

However, the tone of the alleged text message makes Jay Barker look like an arrogant ass. Jay needs to show some of this fire when debating Auburn fans on his radio show. Using this type of fire in dealing with such a personal matter might not be the best way to win a soul to God’s Kingdom, and Jay said this was what he believed his purpose was. According to the alleged message, “I believe God brought me into your life to encourage you to truly develop a relationship with Him for the sake of ur kids.”

Nothing shows the love of Christ like a text message rebuke. Nothing.