Vanderbilt’s Johnson resigns

Whenever you aren’t around a computer, news breaks. I believe that is a rule.

From ESPN’s Chris Low: “Vanderbilt’s Bobby Johnson has told school officials that he plans to step down as football coach, multiple sources said Wednesday.

“A news conference has been scheduled for 2 p.m. ET at Vanderbilt, where Johnson is expected to announce the reason for his resignation.”

More to follow. But this can’t be good for the program coming so close to the start of fall camp.


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    Really….What makes a coach retire 2 months before the season ? He was p.o.ed at someone and was proving a point, or he was shown the door. At least that is what common sense would suggest.

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    Vanderbilt is an embarrassment to the SEC IMHO. I know they are a sound academic institution but athletics are NOT up to par IN TODAY’S STANDARD, that’s the key word standard, in today’s SEC and CFB in general. They have made NO strides to improve their facilities and overall product. It would be an eyesore if ESPN has to go to the high school stadium they operate out of for NO MORE than once a year. I wish they would go Div-AA and let us take in Florida State or some other team worth a damn to fill the East out WITH SOMETHING.

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