Are all Ole Miss fans dicks?

Dear Red Cup Rebellion,
Thanks for reminding me what dicks are fans of Ole Miss.

It makes the collapse of your pathetic program last season satisfying. Wait, I do not think we can call it a collapse since sucking and not making the SEC Championship are par for the course for your program.

You are lucky to have a coach of the quality of Houston Nutt. He might elevate you from the pits of suckiness and into contention for a conference championship.

But it probably won’t happen. You got your asses kicked by Mississippi State.

That made it hard to find anything nice to say about your horrible team. So, it indeed took a great amount of research to find something nice to say about a complete group of douches like your school. I had to praise Dave Rader. What the hell kind of suckiness is that?

Don’t worry, I’ll be more than happy to point out the problems in Oxford instead of the good things going on with your coaching staff. Perhaps we should focus on the KKK rally on your campus last season. Perhaps we should focus on the dismissal of star recruit and now sophomore receiver Pat Patterson. Or how you dumbasses embraced that oaf Ed Orgeron.

I hope you enjoyed that high ranking last year before the South Carolina loss because you won’t see such a lofty ranking again in your lifetime.

Enjoy less than mediocrity. You deserve it.

Your friend,