Are all Ole Miss fans dicks?

Dear Red Cup Rebellion,
Thanks for reminding me what dicks are fans of Ole Miss.

It makes the collapse of your pathetic program last season satisfying. Wait, I do not think we can call it a collapse since sucking and not making the SEC Championship are par for the course for your program.

You are lucky to have a coach of the quality of Houston Nutt. He might elevate you from the pits of suckiness and into contention for a conference championship.

But it probably won’t happen. You got your asses kicked by Mississippi State.

That made it hard to find anything nice to say about your horrible team. So, it indeed took a great amount of research to find something nice to say about a complete group of douches like your school. I had to praise Dave Rader. What the hell kind of suckiness is that?

Don’t worry, I’ll be more than happy to point out the problems in Oxford instead of the good things going on with your coaching staff. Perhaps we should focus on the KKK rally on your campus last season. Perhaps we should focus on the dismissal of star recruit and now sophomore receiver Pat Patterson. Or how you dumbasses embraced that oaf Ed Orgeron.

I hope you enjoyed that high ranking last year before the South Carolina loss because you won’t see such a lofty ranking again in your lifetime.

Enjoy less than mediocrity. You deserve it.

Your friend,


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    The issue with Ole Miss fans is similar to the issues with soccer fans. You wait sooooo long and nothing ever happens, you just get tired of waiting and begin acting out and doing stupid things.

    Eventually you just get tagged with the labels that you probably deserve.

  2. 4

    You wait sooooo long and nothing ever happens, you just get tired of waiting and begin acting out and doing stupid things.

    There is a sex joke there. I’m just not sure what it is.

  3. 6
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Well what do you expect from football fans that dress in formalwear and eat with crystal, china and sterling silver while tailgating in the godd–n Grove? There has to be a message there. RTR!

  4. 7

    Those pricks over there got exactly what they deserved last year. Arkansas will be this years ole miss. Ole Miss was supposed to rule Alabama last year, didn’t happen and not gonna happen this year with Arkansas

  5. 10

    This Capstone Report may be the largest collection of half-wit mouth breathers on the internets, including the likes of Nascar. God bless the Alabama public library system. RTR!!!!!!

    Dickish enough?

  6. 11

    You can do better 😉

    I mean someone from Mississippi making fun of rednecks is kind of sad. Sort of like the old pot and kettle.

  7. 12

    I live in Birmingham…what does that tell you? I’m sure I just can handle living in the midst of so many “champions”.

  8. 13

    Oh, now come on. Don’t get your panties in a wad my “friend,” Alan. Maybe you should peruse the aforementioned Red Cup Rebellion. There you will find the ways in which one should blog with wit and knowledge and not petty name-calling.

  9. 14
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Wrong! Inflamatory comments, controversial opinions and low blow name calling are what makes blogging interesting. If you want to “peruse” something, join a f–king Frat House! RTR!

  10. 15

    Typical. Seeing as how I’m a girl, I’d love to peruse said frat houses, not so much for joining one though.

  11. 16

    I’m not sure why we’re piling on the Reb’s right now…….but………..

    Hotty Toddy
    You Ain’t Nobody !

  12. 17

    Is there really much difference between EOr and Mike DuBose? At least EOr made it to his first game, which is more than Mike Price did.

  13. 18

    Buster, no doubt about it. In the contest for biggest dumbass, Mike Price would beat Ed Orgeron. And Alabama fans deserve significant scorn over the defense of Mike Dubose (and the hiring of Mike Dubose.)

  14. 19

    Here’s a thought: How about responding to Juco All-American’s valid three-sentence criticism of your Ole Miss preview by actually addressing said criticism rather than the pointless drivel you posted here? It would certainly give your blog more credibility.

    I especially find your need to include a KKK reference humorous. First of all, Ole Miss fans are no more or less racist than any other SEC school. Secondly, less than a dozen KKK idiots did indeed hold a ten minute “rally” on campus the day of the LSU game last fall and were heckled unmercifully until they finally took their toys and went home – surrounded by security.

  15. 20

    I actually did address the criticism by pointing out my whole point was to find something positive to say, and it was very hard to do with the loss to MSU. Your best team in a generation and you lose to them. Ouch.

    I also doubt ANY preview discussed Dave Rader (as I did) or his reputation at Alabama with the connection to Shula’s staff. I also doubt anyone said as many nice things about Houston Nutt. I really do think he is one of the best coaches in the conference.

    Here is what happened. Your blogger got upset I said many nice things about Mississippi State in a separate piece. I call that insecurity. 😉

    My point in bringing up the KKK thing was to illustrate that the whole point of my first short blog post was that I wanted to say nothing but good things about every school in the SEC West. I did that (well, sarcastically with LSU) with every team. It wasn’t an in-depth preview, but rather random observations about good things happening on every team in the league. Of course, that was met with praise from Arkansas fans, Mississippi State fans, but scorn from your blogger. I just responded in-kind and drew attention to some bad things about your school. Perhaps it was a little harsh, and I received a couple of emails from Ole Miss fans that expressed disappointment in the venom. I really am disappointed that I disappointed some of my regular Ole Miss readers with that broadside.

    There are many negative things about every program in the league. I suppose I could’ve talked about all the problems, but I did something different. Next time, I’ll just skip Ole Miss or include all the negatives I can think of too.

  16. 21

    Your mistake is in assuming Juco’s criticism was coming from a homeristic viewpoint. It was not.

    And to be fair, there are plenty of things to both like and dislike about every SEC school – including our own respective institutions.

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