Big story for Mobile

This isn’t sports, but it is big for the state and especially for Mobile.

AFP reports, “Airbus submitted Thursday its bid for a 35-billion-dollar US Air Force contract also eyed by bitter rival Boeing. Airbus parent firm EADS confirmed in Washington that a 8,800-page bidding document was submitted to the Pentagon ahead of the Friday deadline for bids to supply new aerial refueling tankers to the US Air Force… EADS said if it won the contract, a new aircraft manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama would create 48,000 US jobs.” more details follow below.


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    That would be huge for the state. It really wouldnt suprise me if it went to Mobile …You know , throw a bone to the p.o.ed people on th gulf…

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    I don’t know why they submit bids. Everyone knows they’ll be overbudget, the govt. will pay and the taxpayer…..well, bend over.

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