Around the SEC: fun & recruiting links

Need a laugh? These views of the SEC are must sees over at EDSBS.

A paragraph that sums up Auburn 2010
A very succinct Auburn preview from the Senator: “When it comes down to it, Auburn’s success in 2010 is in the hands of Cam Newton and Roof. Not to say it can’t work out, but that pair’s not exactly Joe Montana and George Seifert. Or McElroy and Saban, for that matter.”

Best players in the SEC
Chris Low put together a list of the top players in the SEC. Who were they? Well check the link. Alabama placed six on the list. The entire breakdown looked like this:
Alabama: 6
Arkansas: 3
Georgia: 3
South Carolina: 3
Florida: 2
LSU: 2
Auburn: 1
Kentucky: 1
Mississippi State: 1
Ole Miss: 1
Tennessee: 1
Vanderbilt: 1

Lane Kiffin Watch
The consensus on Lane Kiffin? Why not look at Team Speed Kills for that. According to Cocknfire, “Year2 has this right: Lane Kiffin is a pathological liar, and any self-respecting university would fire him for this. Actually, any self-respecting university would never hire him in the first place.”

Alabama Crimson Tide recruiting update
Scout released its recruiting rankings. Alabama is ranked fifth. Scout had this to say about Alabama: “Alabama’s No. 1 recruiting class in 2008 played a huge role in its BCS Championship in 2009 with an incredibly young team that took the big prize against Texas. Head Coach Nick Saban recruited on high level promising playing time and a chance to put Alabama back on top. With another BCS Championship on his resume, Saban isn’t necessarily selling early playing time, he’s now selling championships, an even better draw to Tuscaloosa.”