What I like about LSU

Who knew texting could be fun? Each one is like a Christmas present. A day of texts from a beautiful woman can brighten the mood and keep even this curmudgeon positive. Therefore, inspired by positivity, I’m going to tell you what I like about the LSU Tigers 2010 edition.

What I like about the LSU Tigers is that such a successful school would employ a fool as a coach. LSU’s affirmative action for fools has shown that with enough talent on the field that any idiot can win a national title—even idiots who cannot tell time.

What I like about the 2010 edition of the LSU Tigers is Patrick Peterson. He is great in coverage and a leader. I cannot wait to see this guy in the NFL. He makes opposing offenses narrow their options in the passing game, and that makes playing defense easier—it gives you freedom to send pressure, or rotate more coverage to the other side. He’s a special player and the Tigers’ defense depends on him.

What I like about LSU is that the Tigers are playing North Carolina in a strong out of conference game.

Finding something to like about LSU’s offense is tough. One thing that I like about Jordan Jefferson is that he isn’t Alabama’s quarterback. However, that isn’t a very positive thing to say. What I do like about LSU’s offense is Terrance Toliver. He is talented and should be an explosive force for LSU.

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    I agree abour Less Miles.
    I really like LSU for giving Elmer fudd’s twin brother a job.
    Nick Saban I’ll get you! You scwewy wabbit!

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