Tennessee fans finally get it

Tennessee fans finally get it. Tennessee Volunteers finally admit that Alabama fans are experts in football.

And Alabama Crimson Tide fans are really experts in coaching. We were ridiculed when trying to help our neighbors to the north, but at least now, they are willing to admit their error and our supremacy.

3SIB.com’s latest post “Dooley Answering Doubters, Slowly but Surely” has this gem: “Months ago — either out of sheer contempt for Lane Kiffin or Nostradamus-like presence — our hated, heated rivals to the South informed Vols fans that Kiffin wasn’t the answer. While maybe they disguised it as, ‘He’s going to get fired,’ ‘He’s not a good coach’ or ‘He’s going to get y’all in MAJOR trouble,’ it took the unwashed masses (kidding, guys, KIDDING) to tell us that the brief but torrid marriage to Kiff was going to have a rocky conclusion.”

So, why did Alabama fans know Kiffin was a clown?

Maybe because Alabama fans have seen plenty of clowns up-close and personal over the last few years. Mike Price and Mike Dubose come to mind. Kiffin behaved like a spoiled brat in public—he claimed it was for a purpose, but it was clear to those not blinded by Volunteer allegiance that Kiffin was a giant douche that didn’t know anywhere near as much as he thought he knew. His gaffes were simply expressions of his incompetence in leading the equivalent of a $100 million business.

There is no question that Derek Dooley is a better hire and fit than Lane Kiffin; however, Dooley faces a difficult situation in Knoxville. He does not have the total support of fans. It has the makings of a Bill Curry situation in Knoxville. Dooley needs a couple of big wins this season to offset the pain of the losses that will come this year. Will the Vols be patient?