Is it possible to besmirch the Georgia brand?

Mark Bradley of the AJC opines that Damon Evans is likely out as Georgia’s athletics director. Bradley writes, “The man seated before the official Georgia backdrop had besmirched the brand and cheapened those diplomas.”

Besmirched the brand and cheapened the diploma? Really? I thought this was Georgia we were talking about and not Vanderbilt. Has anyone seen Georgia’s campus after a football game? Has anyone ever seen the amount of drunkenness at a Georgia football game? They don’t call the Florida-Georgia game the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party because of the cocktail dresses and refined manners. The consumption of booze by Bulldog fans would impress the biggest lushes in the conference the coonasses in Louisiana.

In all seriousness Evans actions did not cheapen the value of a diploma at Georgia any more than Mike Dubose having an affair with a secretary reduced the value of a diploma at Alabama. It is an embarrassment, but not an indictment of the school.

What should concern Georgia are the seeming problems of leadership throughout its administration. This is just one more symptom. A funny one, but just one symptom.