Is it possible to besmirch the Georgia brand?

Mark Bradley of the AJC opines that Damon Evans is likely out as Georgia’s athletics director. Bradley writes, “The man seated before the official Georgia backdrop had besmirched the brand and cheapened those diplomas.”

Besmirched the brand and cheapened the diploma? Really? I thought this was Georgia we were talking about and not Vanderbilt. Has anyone seen Georgia’s campus after a football game? Has anyone ever seen the amount of drunkenness at a Georgia football game? They don’t call the Florida-Georgia game the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party because of the cocktail dresses and refined manners. The consumption of booze by Bulldog fans would impress the biggest lushes in the conference the coonasses in Louisiana.

In all seriousness Evans actions did not cheapen the value of a diploma at Georgia any more than Mike Dubose having an affair with a secretary reduced the value of a diploma at Alabama. It is an embarrassment, but not an indictment of the school.

What should concern Georgia are the seeming problems of leadership throughout its administration. This is just one more symptom. A funny one, but just one symptom.


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    As ;ong as UGA is beating Rocky top down, or slappingdown the around Auburn like a crack stoned pimp beating down a $5 whore. I love them Dawgs.
    BTW how many times has UGA beaten the Taggers in a row now?

  2. 2

    Sorry about the speeling I just got out of the hospital and I am high on pain killers.
    I had a durgury and blew my stitches open laughing at Phil Steele’s preditions.

  3. 3

    God Damnit,
    You shouldnt post while your high.
    Folks might look at your spelling and confuse you with a AU sociology grad. (suma cum laude)

    Totally off topic here. But why do Auburn fans come up with nicknames for every God damn running back that touches a ball in thier 7 years at Auburn? Just curious……

  4. 4

    i love the classic lewis grizzard line about how you CAN NOT get a diploma thrown in your car while driving thru athens.

    you must stop at the intersection first.

    (update 2010: and wave the red panties!)

  5. 6
    grewis lizzard

    i personally think this is wayyyyy overblown.

    it’s not like the panties were orange and blue!!!!

  6. 7

    I had already read Bradley’s column before seeing this but had the same exact reaction you did. I think Mark Bradley is the worst columnist I read regularly. I hate when Jeff Schultz goes on vacation.

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