Rick & Bubba could hurt Auburn recruiting!

Last week one of the most prominent Auburn fans in the nation made a few remarks that were perceived as anti-gay. According to the non-partisan Media Matters County Fair blog, Rick Burgess and Bill ‘Bubba’ Bussey, hosts of The Rick and Bubba Show which is syndicated throughout the south, went on what progressive blogger Pam Spaulding described as ‘incredible homophobic rant about sin, adultery, fornication and everything but the kitchen sink over the fact that the President declared June Pride month.’”

It is known that Auburn fans pride themselves on being one of the most conservative sets of football fans in the country. Just listen to the Auburn callers on Paul Finebaum’s show for a sampling of their views. So, it isn’t surprising an Auburn fan might say something conservative. But, it could be important beyond the political and social level. What could it mean for recruiting? Will it hurt Auburn’s bid to rebuild its program through an emphasis on family?

One person who follows recruiting in the SEC dismissed the question. He might be right. It might not hurt Auburn at all.

Auburn doesn’t recruit in areas of the country with a high gay population—places like California, New York or Knoxville, Tennessee. It is the price and benefit of being a lesser program.

However, don’t think for a second that rival coaches won’t use this against Auburn. Rivals will point out this attitude isn’t very progressive; coaches will tell recruits Auburn is a Podunk town that isn’t as cosmopolitan as other places like Baton Rouge or Starkville.

It cannot be doubted; the Rick and Bubba Show just made rebuilding Auburn’s football team more difficult for Gene Chizik and Pat Dye, and helped the folks in progressive colleges like Mississippi State and LSU.


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    Denny Chimes

    There’s not a thing Rick Burgess said on that subject that I disagree with, and I’m a bit embarrassed that you seem to act like there is something wrong with it.

    If Nick Saban himself had said the same thing, I would defend him for it vehemently.

  2. 2

    I have to agree with Denny Chimes on this one. Rick Burgess is biblically correct in what he’s saying, and I believe the majority of his listening audience also agrees. I’m glad that Rick and Bubba are being true to their convictions, even when it could result in a backlash against them.

  3. 3

    I gotta say, truth is truth no matter who says it. Even if it is an AU fan. I agree Denny Chimes and Bamafan. And I hardly think a recruit is going to care if a radio host is anti-homosexual lifestyle anyway.

  4. 4

    Bamafan, I fail to see how Burgess’s comments could result in a backlash against him in any way. Burgess knows exactly who his audience is, and he knows good and well that those comments will do nothing but endear him to his listeners. Anyone that might offended by his comments would’t be one of his listeners anyway, and he knows that.

    So you’re trying to argue that because Burgess’s son is a walk-on at AU, everything Burgess says or does is a reflection on AU? If that’s the case, does the same apply for Mark Ingram’s Dad at Bama?

  5. 6
    That Other Dave

    Not that i agree with what Rick and/or Bubba said, (I didn’t listen to it, i don’t care to, Being Gay is not a choice one makes, it’s something they are born as), but Media Matters is a completely partisan organization. It’s completely left wing, i would have thought you would have known that.

    • 7

      Yes, I know that. I thought that and a couple other things I said made it obvious I was playing around.

      Edited to fix last sentence

  6. 8

    It’s a slow time for football news, cappy. I’m just glad you’re doing something to liven things up.

  7. 9

    All journalists like queers…..Cappy is no different. The powers that be would probably make him give up this blog if were not a “progresive”…..Really cap ? This is as lame an attempt as I have ever seen bud…

    THe Other Dave….Every one has a choice to be a fag or not…Its more a case of environment than chromasomes or genes. Sorry dude.

    Again. is this the best you can do ?

  8. 10
    That Other Dave


    Does an albino choose not to have their body produce melanin?

    I really don’t want this to be a thread-jack, but I’m always astounded by ignorance i read here sometimes.

  9. 11

    Lighten up, julie. I was defending Rick and Bubba. Just goes to show that barners can’t read and comprehend well.

  10. 13

    And your wrong. An overbearing mom or lack of a mascline figure along with sexual abuse as a child are probably the 3 biggest influences on someone being a homosexual than anything.

  11. 14
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    All spiecies aside from a few insects and flowers were put here to reproduce asexually. This is normal. This is healthy. How the f–k do two homosexuals reproduce? It doesn’t matter if it is a product of upbringing or simply a malfunctioning physiology. In both cases it is a sickness. How does society treat people who are sick? Whether it is AIDS or TB or mental illness such as Austicism, we treat them medically. We don’t pass laws to force states and judges and ministers to put them together in matrimony as if they were normal. You say we can’t discriminate? Then maybe we shoule make it illegal to wear protective clothing when there is a possibility of coming in contact with blood or other bodily fluids of people that have AIDS or TB, etc. Same difference. All are sicknesses detrimental and dangerous to the normal and healthy evolvment of mankind. I don’t say mistreat them. But don’t force society to justify them.

  12. 15

    Rick and Bubba dont like homos, big deal, who does besides other homos, they should just prepare for a 100,000+ strong Rammer Jammer in November

  13. 17

    Working in the medical field gay people are all over the place. I
    think like Rick and Bubba about this story. About 10 years ago I
    was selected to be on a panel at Quest Diagnostics at the Nashville office and the first thing they bring up is to celebrate
    June the month of gay pride and I about spit my coffee out of my
    mouth!! RTR

  14. 18

    This world is a big ol’ place. It is full of miracles and wonders you couldnt begin to wrap your head around.
    While I appreciate your zeal in “outing” others.
    I have to ask you something…
    Where in the bible did God give you carte’ blanche to judge others?
    I think that is the “Fambly’s” problem. they ramrod their backward myopic opinions on any poor soul wh will entertain them.

  15. 19

    tmc1……Some of what I said is toongue in cheek….Beieve it when I say that I have an understanding of how complex the world is. The problem I have is when the gay community tries to shove their destructive lifestyle down my throat. Our country is in the state its in because people are scared to death to stand up to what is obviously wrong….Thanks E.G. for posting what I was already thinking. This is not a biological problem…If it were, then you would see homosexuality in the animal kingdom, and you do not.

    And you want to know where in the Bible it says we shall judge ? Try 1 Cor. 6 2-4….This is when someone who strives to live a life according to God’s word, and makes a continual effort to attain perfection….But not achieve it. So , yes, we as Christians do have the ability to distinquish and judge right from wrong. Not judge the person, but the situation , or the sin.

    Homosexuality is a sin…Case closed. No arguement. Do you want some scripture to prove that one too ?

  16. 20

    Ok, why are we talking about this subject on a sports blog? Is there no football related subjcet to argue about? Here’s one: Kevin Scarbinksy just wrote a column slamming AU about its stadium size in comparison to Bama, and said AU is losing the “arms race”. (I know you conspiracy theory bammer freaks find it hard to believe Scarbinksy would write something negative about AU.) I don’t think a recruit is gonna care whether a stadium seats 87K or 101K people. What do you think, bammers?

  17. 21
    Alex Hamilton

    I sincerely hope this article is tongue in cheek. Nohing Burgess said will impact Auburn, it will only impact Burgess. I think homosexuality amongst men or women is devoid of rational thought because there’s nothing better than nailing a hot chick. But, just as some people can only get off if they insert a gerbil, other liberals can only get off with another of their own sex.

    I hate Auburn as much as anyone, but calling Auburn “too conservative” is in no way a perjorarive thing.

    I just wonder if any of these homophobic pro athletes that adore Obama ever wonder how many fags that Obama shook hands with before cashing their campaign checks. If they did, they’d get sick when they realized where those fags hands had been.

    And that’s the point kids. Liberalism is a lie.

  18. 22

    Anyone who believes auburn is “conservative” should check out the ramblings of Cynthia Tucker, the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and proud auburn Alum. She’s as liberal as liberal gets.

  19. 23
    Legion Field

    Some of you all are taking this article seriously….it was satire.

    Anyway, the majority of the best recruits in the nation are African-American……and I can pretty much guarantee that 100% of them dont listen to the Rick and Bubba show. 99.99% of them probably never even heard of Rick and Bubba.

    Queermosexuals suffer from a mental illness…….but so do Christians, and all other forms of religious wackos. So who are you bible-thumper, scripture quoting idiots trying to judge?

    The queers take dookie shots, and the christians take brain shots. Got you idiots running around “believing” in talking snakes, ressurections, virgin births, parting seas, dudes walking on water, and the almighty invisible spook in the sky. Both of your groups are nut cases…pardon the pun.

  20. 24
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxyfarfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Well Legion Field, with all those left field opinions you just farted out, you’ve pretty solidly grouped yourself right in there with all those aformentioned wackos. In fact just going by majority opinion you are worse by far. ROTFLMAO!

  21. 25

    julie, responding to your stadium question, there’s a difference that even Slimebinsky didn’t point out. At auburn, only the Alabama and Georgia games ever sell out, whereas at The U of A there’s a 16,000 person waiting list for tickets. In other words, au doesn’t need to expand because it doesn’t sell out it’s stadium now. Don’t believe me? Have you been to a movie lately? During movie previews, auburn is now running a commercial advertising football tickets. Yes, it’s true. Another low for the lousiest village on the plain. This has been reported going on in Hoover, as in cities as far away as Mobile and Pensacola. Also don’t believe auburn doesn’t sell out it’s stadium? Check out this link from an auburn website:

  22. 26

    BF, so what you’re saying is that there are more Bama fans than there are AU fans in this state? What a shocker!! Someone alert the media!!

  23. 28

    Geez ITK, where have you been lately? Can’t you post some kind of inflammatory and degrading article about Auburn just to get the pot stirred up? I’m starting to think you’ve lost your nerve.

  24. 30

    I just realised something. there may or may not be homosezuality in the animal kingdom. hell if I know.. Because I am just too damn busy to watch animals fornicating and I really have no interested in testing what sex they are while they are doing it.. And honestly, if any of you are actually watching the animals mate to make sure they are 100% heterosexual …. STOP…. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR COMPASS AND COULD POSSIBLEY END UP IN HELL WITH THE HOMOSEXUALS YOU ARE CONDEMNING.

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