SEC wasn’t interested in arrogant Texas?

I know I’m late posting this story, but I was getting my air conditioner replaced. Sorry, but being cool wins over thinking about conference expansion.

The AP reported, “The president of the University of Oklahoma said Wednesday that his school and Texas A&M both received invitations to join the Southeastern Conference during the last round of conference realignment. Although Oklahoma ended up remaining in the Big 12, university president David Boren said the Sooners had offers from both the SEC and the Pac-10. Boren spoke with reporters after a regents meeting for almost 40 minutes about the conference realignment process.”

But the big news was this: “Boren said the SEC extended offers only to Oklahoma and Texas A&M, both of which opted to stay in a slimmed-down Big 12 after Colorado left for the Pac-10 and Nebraska left for the Big Ten. Because the SEC offer didn’t include two of the Sooners’ key rivals, Oklahoma State and Texas, Boren said he didn’t consider it a good option.

“‘There was a time when A&M thought they were going to the SEC and they very much wanted us to go with them,’ Boren said. ‘Oklahoma, in the whole thing, we were positioned in a way where virtually we could not have lost.'”

This makes one wonder if the SEC wasn’t interested in the arrogance of the University of Texas. Read the entire AP report below:


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    Capstone Report » SEC Wish List

    […] you combine this tidbit with other information, like the AP story I posted earlier on Oklahoma and Texas A&M’s invitation to the SEC then you can see that Slive is interested in the Texas and North Carolina markets. What the OU […]

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    Alex Hamilton

    I think McElroy said it best when, with broken ribs, he flopped his Hook Em symbol down after taking a knee to end the game.

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    UT has already burned SEC bridges by floating theory that it’s academics are substandard, while chiding to staying with academic non heavyset OSU, KSU, TTU, OU
    Meanwhile A&M does none of that; and respects the SEC for what it is – the nation’s premiere athletic conference. The SEC will be calling on A&M again – it’s inclusion neutralizes Texas’ impact for another conference by diluting the market share on Texas’ tv sets.

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