Alabama’s Nick Saban has a heart

Nick Saban has a heart. I know. I know. You never hear that in the pro-Auburn media. Instead we usually hear about how Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban doesn’t have a heart because of how he acted in the BCS national title game—you remember, he didn’t like getting hit in the head with the Gatorade, so he is some kind of jerk.

Well, now Saban has done something to contradict those reports. He visited the people along the Gulf coast. Take this quote from a story by Cecil Hurt: “You watch on television and you think you get an idea of what’s going on, but you don’t really know until you get down there and speak to the people who are directly affected.”

Saban had time to talk to the ordinary people!

And this. “I think several things are important,” he said. “First, there are the 11 oil rig workers who lost their lives. That’s the most important. Next, there are thousands of people whose lives will be affected in ways they don’t even know yet. These are people who have worked there all their lives and they don’t know what the future will be. Then there is the environmental impact of it all.”

Contrary to all the Auburn spin, the guy just might have a heart. Even Auburn fans will have to admit it now.

Wait. Forget that. You know Auburn fans with their talking points on Monday will spin this in a bad way. “He is using the BP oil spill to his recruiting advantage.” Or perhaps this, “Saban is heartlessly using the oil spill to pretend he has a heart.” You can bet some caller on Finebaum’s show will espouse this position: “If Nick Saban really cared about the people of the Gulf, he would be playing golf like President Barack Obama. It is cold and calculating. Kind of like Caligula’s desire to make his horse a consul.”

Oh well. At least Saban tried.