Alabama’s Nick Saban has a heart

Nick Saban has a heart. I know. I know. You never hear that in the pro-Auburn media. Instead we usually hear about how Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban doesn’t have a heart because of how he acted in the BCS national title game—you remember, he didn’t like getting hit in the head with the Gatorade, so he is some kind of jerk.

Well, now Saban has done something to contradict those reports. He visited the people along the Gulf coast. Take this quote from a story by Cecil Hurt: “You watch on television and you think you get an idea of what’s going on, but you don’t really know until you get down there and speak to the people who are directly affected.”

Saban had time to talk to the ordinary people!

And this. “I think several things are important,” he said. “First, there are the 11 oil rig workers who lost their lives. That’s the most important. Next, there are thousands of people whose lives will be affected in ways they don’t even know yet. These are people who have worked there all their lives and they don’t know what the future will be. Then there is the environmental impact of it all.”

Contrary to all the Auburn spin, the guy just might have a heart. Even Auburn fans will have to admit it now.

Wait. Forget that. You know Auburn fans with their talking points on Monday will spin this in a bad way. “He is using the BP oil spill to his recruiting advantage.” Or perhaps this, “Saban is heartlessly using the oil spill to pretend he has a heart.” You can bet some caller on Finebaum’s show will espouse this position: “If Nick Saban really cared about the people of the Gulf, he would be playing golf like President Barack Obama. It is cold and calculating. Kind of like Caligula’s desire to make his horse a consul.”

Oh well. At least Saban tried.


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  1. 1

    What I am more concerned about is that they aint gonna give Auburn the 2004 National Championship.
    That sucks.
    yeah I know that Oklahoma actually played the game against USC. And I know that if not for USC cheating Oklahoma might have won the National Championship outright then they would be the 2004National Champions and we would be hoping that the NCAA would bag them so we could claim half the National Championship. BUT Auburn did finish #2 in the polls.
    Look at 1957 as a precendent, Auburn*** was on probation that year. And Ohio State played in the rose bowl for the national Title. But Auburn won half of it anyway. They should follow that example and give us at least half of the 2004 also.
    I would guess that Nick Saban (and his buddies at the NCAA) have something to do with auburn not winning the 2004 National Championship retroactively.
    I aint got proof, but if it looks lik a duck and quacks like a duck…..just sayin’

    ***In 1857 Auburn University existed by the moniker of API. Which we all know is a feeble bammur attempt at discrediting the glorious 1957 National Championship, Even though everyone says that Alabama Polytechnic Institute won (1/2) the 1957 national championship we still claim that AUBURN won it. Because API was located in AUBURN. I thought I would clear that up for all of you uneducated Bammers who claim Auburn University didnt exist in 1957.

  2. 2

    This article is about Nick Saban not about the barners winning
    the NC IN 04 you freaking moron tiger fan!! Go back to your own
    team websites and talk about your team’s problems with other
    ignore tiger fans!! RTR

  3. 3

    auburn university didnt exist in 1957 u said it yourself. 1960 thats the year of auburn university`s pathetic inception. dredge all you want to but please stop trying to put auburn in the same category as great schools with rich championship history. no matter how hard the barners try you will never be categorized as a championship football school. you can put a cat in the oven but that dont make it a fucking biscuit! at least u all still have swimming though.

  4. 4

    don and 77, are you both seriously so freakin’ brickwall stupid you can’t tell that was a satirical post by a bama fan??????

  5. 5

    julio hell it was probably you that posted it. i just used it as a platform to say something is all.but being called brickwall stupid by someone of your mental capacity is a step up i hear you one of those fuktards that eats crayons on rolls his owns shit into little balls. but well played sir well played you have once again shown how detrimental your presence is to this blog. thank you sir julio. oh yea by they way how does it feel to be a fan of a team that has fewer SEC championships in football than a team that left in 1964 (GA.TECH). lmgdmfa !

  6. 6

    I rilly lik the awww-barn tiges! I think dat us needs that trofy frum 2oo4! we cood put haf of it in ar trofy kase an hav a hole nashonal champyunship! WAR EEGAL!

  7. 7

    The chances of Saban having a heart are about the same as Obama having been born in Hawaii: Zip.

  8. 9

    “auburn university didnt exist in 1957 u said it yourself.” Gee 77, that sounds oddly like a direct response to the post as opposed to simply using a “platform to say something.” By the way, did you ever complete 6th grade English? Judging by your sentence construction abilities I’d guess not.

  9. 10

    tell ya what julio leave me your e mail address and we can correspond back and forth until football season. i only live 20 minutes from auburn im sure being such a well educated BOY you can afford a ticket to a game in auburn. so any home game you decide we can meet up anywhere you want and discuss who has a better grasp of the english language. awww what the hell e mail me hobo your ass down here BOY ill pay your way back. im betting all you will do is try to say something on here that you have said over and over and over like always. well BOY that shit has played out put your money where your mouth is and come on!

  10. 12

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  11. 13

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  12. 14

    bamafan1977, have you watched any world cup action, where the soccer player barely gets tripped and he flops around on the grass writhing in pain, only to pop back up seconds later and trot all over the place?

    That’s Julio. Melodramatic. Sensitive. And somewhat prissy. Aubsessed with Alabama, and the kind that as a kid would talk big to you then go run and hide between his momma and daddy.

    Believe me, threatening him will only get his estrogen flowing, so just hold up.

    Just savor the fact that he will NEVER in his lifetime witness his beloved tiggers doing what we did last January. He will die having never seen Abarn win a national championship. That’s enough, isn’t it?

  13. 15

    yea ITK you are probably right. i know his mind is made up so i wont continue to confuse him with facts. what i originally posted sent him in a hissy fit like a 4 year old at wal mart. i appologize to all the folks that have to read anything he posts.yall just over look him he doesnt know any better. my mom always told me to be kind to dumb animals so i guess i will heed her advice in julio`s case!

  14. 16

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    ITK, “Prissy”? That’s funny.

  15. 17

    How in the heck did a story about Nick Saban visiting the Gulf Coast turn into an Auburn deserves the 2004 NC plug?! Most of you Aubies feel as if you were so slighted in 2004, but Alabama suffered an even GREATER injustice in 1966. The Tide was the ONLY undefeated, untied team in the country and should have been crowned with their 3rd consecutive NC, yet wound up 3rd in the final polls behind Notre Dame & Michigan State. I could go on but that should suffice. Now, as far as the 2004 slighting of the Barn; let us recap! Auburn (heavily favored) in the Iron Bowl against a severly depleted Bama squad (that was down to their 3rd string QB, 2nd string HB & FB) only managed to squeek out an 8 point victory. Against the Vols in the SEC championship, the Tigers again struggled to a 10 point victory. Last but not least, a scary escape from Virginia Tech by 3 points! Having said all that, the Trojans and/or the Sooners would have embarrassed the Tigers which in turn would have embarrassed the entire SEC! Count your blessings Aubies.

  16. 18

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  17. 19

    Hey 77, don’t let julio get under your skin! Show some class and don’t lower yourself to his level! Julio is just begging for some attention, because he already knows that Auburn is not in the same ELITE CLASS as Alabama and never will be! Brother just imagine if you were an Aubie, you’d be starved for some recognition too, be it negative or otherwise! They’ve never enjoyed the success that BAMA has! Just remember this, Alabama is one of the most storied programs in college football history! Auburn NEVER was and NEVER will be, unless you count 2 Heismans, 1 NC and a losing all-time record against the Tide as successful! RTR!!!

  18. 20

    ramma i promise you ill never be on the lowest level as julio. yea im proud to be a fan of a program that has won three times as many national titles as auburn has SEC titles. RTR! 13131313131313131313131313

  19. 21

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  20. 22

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  22. 24

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  23. 25

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