Little 12: Lawmakers want Houston in Big 12

Now that the Texas Longhorns have forced Nebraska and Colorado out of the conference and snagged more money for doing it, other schools in Texas want in on the windfall.

REPORT: About two dozen Texas lawmakers are supporting efforts to get the University of Houston admitted to the Big 12 Conference.

State Reps. Garnet Coleman and Bill Callegari, both from the Houston area, co-wrote a letter Thursday asking Big 12 officials to consider adding the university to the conference. (see entire report embedded below.)

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    Actually — I could see Houston leaving C-USA for the BIG 12-10 — makes total sense to me — so what is that — that would make a total of 5 Texas teams in a conference with a “few up North”. Yeah — makes a lot of sense for OU/Kansas/Iowa <—- whoops — forgot about Mizzou. LMAO — what a joke conference. The Big 12-10 is forgetting about the BCS formulation in all of this and I'm loving every minute of it.

    Power rankings peeps — power rankings …

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