Little 12 wheeling & dealing

It was not extortion.


We just paid Texas because we like them so much.

According to the AP, “‘Five schools got together and we tried to develop a business plan like everything else,’ said Perkins, who did not disclose financial details of the offer. He said paying to remain aligned with Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M is no different from a school giving a pay raise to a coach who wins a national championship and gets other job offers.”

Now that I think about it, Texas does have some mighty hot cheerleaders. It might be worth paying the money to stay in a conference with the Longhorns.

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    B Herald

    This is for Paul Finebaum and all his sec bias callers and friends.Does the SEC really want Texas in the SEC be careful what you wish for..Ive been istening on sirius why I dont know.but seems to me Texas has become the bad kid in all this expansion thing.1st of all if the sec really wanted A@M maybe the sec should have made a better offer looks like the sec isnt so great after all if it was they would have went and maybe some others as well.If you and all your sec biased peeps can blame a program for making it easier on themselves somethings wrong because anyone of you would do the same thing if you were to make alot of money and make it easier on yourselves im sick of hearing how bad Texas is and how perfect the sec is.Sounds like some envy goin on on the sec’s part they wish they had the money Texas has maybe yall should start minding sec business and staying out of the big 12.hook em horns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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