CASH: Benefit of owning realignment story

Fan sites on the Rivals, Scout and ESPN recruiting networks are notorious for biased reporting. It is impossible to forget how Rivals’ Auburn site edited video in an attempt to eliminate evidence of recruiting violations at last year’s Big Cat Weekend. While these sites might not have the ethical standards of traditional media, they do provide a platform for making money. Case in point: Chip Brown and

CNBC reports: “In order to give themselves the best chance to capitalize off the site’s success, Brown and publisher Geoff Ketchum made every one of the stories on the normally pay-per-click site free and offered free subscriptions to anyone who wanted to sample for the summer. Brown says that resulted in about 700 new subscriptions that put their subscriber base at 10,700, surpassing Alabama’s Rivals site as the top site on the Yahoo network of the heavily populated message board sites.”

It probably isn’t fair to lump Brown and into the same category as Auburn’s joke of a Rivals site. He is probably more like Phil Marshall.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Those figures don’t mean squat. OrangeBloods board Longhorn Sports is free and BOL is not. It is the most popular of their boards and has the same if not more info as the pay boards. Their subscriptions had a false spike because of the BS Texas was involved in this past week and because they banned hundreds of posters just for breathing too hard. I have since been reinstated. But regardless, the subscriptions were emergencies to acquire high interest info. Because they have Longhorn Sports you can bet that few if any of the scripts will be renewed after they expire. RTR!

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