Is Texas’ plan falling apart?

Is the Texas Longhorn’s power play going to fail? The mouthpiece of the Longhorns Chip Brown released an interesting tweet, “Some in B12 think if OU drank truth serum it would choose the SEC over Pac-10. SEC is calling the Sooners, who, so far, point to Pac-10.”

What does that mean? It indicates Texas leaders aren’t as confident in forcing their vassals Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M into a new Pac-16. Oklahoma might follow newfound rebel A&M and head east by southeast.

Reading between the lines is a complicated process during this type of negotiation. Every word released to the press has some type of message for someone. Brown has published the Texas side of the story throughout; that is a nice way of saying he is pushing what the Longhorns want him to publish. He made the move to a Pac-16 seem like a fait accompli. That is just the Texas way. The Longhorns made up their mind and everyone else must follow.

Does Brown’s latest tweet mean something dramatic is happening? Could the Oklahoma Sooners pursue its own interest instead of doing Texas’ bidding? Perhaps.

But there are other parties involved in this process. Watchers interested in the developments should also consider the story in the Birmingham News; the story cited two sources pointing toward A&M joining the SEC. This was important. Other than Slive not one person has commented on expansion, and Slive’s only remark on the subject was that he would consider the topic. It makes the report unique at this point in the process. Unique might mean the report is a message to another party.

Who is the other party?

Could it be Oklahoma or another team in the disintegrating Big XII (12)? Alternatively, could it be for the benefit of a team in the ACC? Was it a warning that things are in play? A sign that the clock is ticking?

It is safe to assume Slive will not stop at 13 teams; therefore, there is more to come. Published reports are just one element in the negotiation process. Brown’s tweet means Texas is working to assure itself of Oklahoma’s fealty. The SEC is talking too.


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    the overriding factor here is oklahoma’s hatred of texas. will sooner alum allow their school to be lead around by the nose by the longhorns??

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    Wait I’m confused – I thought it was OU who stated they were going where Texas was going. Every year it comes down to either OU or Texas in the Big12 South – maybe OU wants to break free – who’s not to say that the red river rivalry won’t still be played as a non- conference game in the new contract at the JerryDome – lots of questions . . .

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Posters on Sooner Scoop get riled up at the suggestion of what everybody else already knows – that Texas has a chain on the Sooners nose ring. The fans by and large prefer the SEC. And so do many of the ones that get riled at the Texas accusation, and then they espouse following Texas is in their best interest. What a poor bunch of schizoids Hitler Texas has created. On the other hand, on Aggie Yell almost to a man A&M fans want the SEC. One thing is certain. Texas is getting more belligerant than ever if that’s possible; and extremely thin skinned. Something in this process is really bothering them. In Dec. and Jan. I had dozens of really nasty battles defending Bama on OrangeBloods and nothing ever happened. Today I was pretty congenial. My worst post simply told them they were making a mistake but I wished them well if they wanted to take their steers and cavort with the queers on the Left Coast. For that they instantly deleted every thread I had posted on in its entirety and blacklisted me! Sensitive? RTR

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    I think Texas’s master PAC-WHATEVER plan is crumbling. Every OU fan I’ve spoken with dreads joining the PAC-WHATEVER. They fear it would be a MAJOR mistake for their program in the long run. I agree with them. The SEC, I have the feeling, is about to throw egg all over the face of the PAC-WHATEVER. Texas is mad because they are being backed into a corner with A&M seeking football heaven and OU quite possibly following them to the pearly gate of the college football universe. In the end this may force Texas to tag along with OU and A&M. Do we really want the poisonous Longhorns in our confernce? They’ve already managed to ruin two conferences.

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    Kevin in Dallas

    Here’s a scoop from a Longhorn booster. First, there is a significant group of Horns who DO NOT want to go west to Pac-11. I am one of them…

    The idea of playing in a conference two time zones away with teams that nobody cares about is the driving force behind this feeling. I have spoken to Aggie and Sooner cohorts who say the same thing. There is CONSIDERABLE UNEASE at the idea of doing this…

    Second, of the group of renegade Horns who don’t want to go west, the majority of us want to go to the SEC. The idea of playing LSU, Arkansas every year (plus getting annual shots at HATED ALABAMA) is a plus. We know we have the talent to kick some tail in the SEC, and aren’t scared at all to make the move…

    Third, there is HEAVY censorship going on at the two more popular Texas message boards. I am a Horn through and through, and have had trouble getting ANYTHING pro SEC to stick on these boards. It seems that a select few who run these boards seem to be trying to force the PAC idea on the rest of us…

    But what these punks are starting to realize is that we’re not taking this BS. The 50% of Horns boosters who aren’t on board have begun word of mouth campaign to educate our bros and sisters that this PAC idea will ruin our program and see our best recruits go to the SEC to play teams that matter…

    The situation is still fluid. My ultimate goal is to see UT, OU, ATM, and either Tech or OSU in the SEC. Myself and those around me are working hard to wake up our fellow Horns to this evident truth, that the SEC is the best possible destination. HOOK EM HORNS!!!!

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    Thanks for that view from Texas.

    I’d love to see annual games against Texas and Oklahoma. I think it would be good for the schools both on the gridiron and in the bank account.

    I’ve been shocked at how much of a stooge Chip Brown has been in all of this. However, I’ve seen similar things unfold on Alabama message boards and sites during turbulent periods.

    Good luck with your work.

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    Jerrell Kurr

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