Expansion update: Missouri scrambles

Missouri and Nebraska in a verbal tussle?

From the AP: Missouri’s interest in joining a bigger and broader Big Ten was met with criticism Friday from Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman, who cited public comments by Deaton, Athletics director Mike Alden and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon as fodder for the 14-year-old Big 12’s possible collapse.

Alden responded by calling such assertions “silly” and “ridiculous.” And University of Missouri system President Gary Forsee said the school bears no blame for simply protecting its self-interest.

“We were only doing what you would expect any institution, whether you’re sitting here or in Lawrence, Kan., or Waco, Texas,” Forsee said. “Did we contribute more or less than any other institution in the Big 12 or nationally? No. I think we’ve all been caught up in now this national discussion that certainly has spread beyond the Big Ten, and the Big 12 is certainly in the middle of that.” (read the entire update below)