Texas A&M’s independence

Gene Stallings’ appearance on Finebaum was a continuation of the rhetoric in Texas A&M’s declaration of independence from the Texas Longhorns.

The themes hit by coach were important points made over the last few days: Stallings is no longer bothered by separate conferences for the Aggies and Longhorns, and Texas A&M should do what is in its own best interest. While Stallings didn’t say it, that means what is in Texas’ best interest is not necessarily in A&M’s best interest. Longhorns might not agree with it, but A&M appears to be asserting itself. Will the Longhorns put down this uprising or will the independent thinking spread to places like Oklahoma?

The money quote from the Paul Finebaum Radio Network interview: “I think Texas A&M is big enough to stand on its own, it doesn’t necessarily have to be piggyback to somebody else,” Stallings said.