Official: Nebraska to Big Ten

Things are gaining speed.

AP: Nebraska to seek Big Ten membership, confident it will be accepted in another blow to Big 12

University of Nebraska officials said Friday that they will apply for membership in the Big Ten Conference and expect to be accepted.

Chancellor Harvey Perlman disclosed the plan during a meeting of the university’s Board of Regents, proposing that play in the new conference begin in 2011 after one more year in the Big 12. He said he believed Nebraska is more “aligned” with the Big Ten when it comes to academics, culture and athletics.

He also said the move offered stability “that the Big 12 simply cannot offer.” The regents approved a resolution supporting the move to the Big Ten. (the entire AP report follows below)

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    And officially Boise State is now a member of the Mountain West Conference and along with Utah, BYU, TCU and Air Force gives them enough clout to beg admisson to the BCS to replace the Big 12 if it takes down its shingle. What’s Dylan’s song say? “Times They Are A Changin”. I think Nebraska is more than a little bit pompas in claiming they are more in line with the Big 10 admissons and culture. Have you ever been to Nebraska? I have lots and all over it. They may have something in common with Iowa both being in the corn belt and being basically flat and ugly and with more ticks in 1 square mile of their forests than in the whole state of Alabama. But they have nothing in common with Minnesota or Northwestern or Wisconsin or Purdue. And even less with Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State. I bet they weren’t feeling snubbed in the mid 90’s when they won all those championships. For over 10 years they’ve sucked, and now they’re arching their backs and acting a fool. Oh well, never liked em anyway. RTR!

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