AP: Nebraska vote Friday? Regents amend agenda

AP: Nebraska could be on its way to the Big Ten by Friday.

The university’s Board of Regents on Wednesday evening amended the agenda for its previously scheduled Friday meeting to include a briefing from chancellor Harvey Perlman and athletic director Tom Osborne on conference alignment. The regents then could vote to leave the Big 12. …

The university issued a statement Wednesday night to counter media reports that regents met informally Wednesday and had already agreed to a move to the Big Ten.

Officials, however, do want a quick resolution on the future of the Huskers’ athletic programs, whether that means staying with several longtime rivals in the Big 12 or leaving for the Big Ten.

“The conjecture and all the intensity surrounding it is not positive,” Regent Jim McClurg said of the impending decision. “Everybody needs to know and has a right to know. The calamity and opportunity that’s conjured up by not knowing sometimes exceeds reality, so I think it’s important to get a decision done.”

The Big 12 reportedly has given Nebraska and Missouri a Friday deadline to affirm their commitment to the league. (read the entire AP report below)


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Damn, I just read another article that said the deal is done. That waiting on Friday is nothing but a formality. They said Nebraska was treated like dirt by the Big 12. They were relegated to the north division with the have nots and even their historic rivalry with Oklahoma was limited to every other year. I have hopes that this would appease the Big 10 by giving them 12 teams for equal divisions and a championship game. But Nebraska is hardly a mammoth viewing market and if Missouri comes too then they’re right back to odd numbers. Another bad point is this will mean the end of the Big 12 and that could mean the mass exodus of the Texas and Oklahoma teams to the Pac 10 and that is a thought that turns my stomach. Especially if the SEC then is forced to expand by 4 teams raided from the pathetic ACC. In my opinion Miami, Fl. State, N. Carolina and Va. Tech do not equal Texas, Oklahoma, Tex. A&M and Ok. State or Texas Tech. I see the begining of the end of football as we know it. RTR!

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    I wish we would go after Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, I have a feeling they feel no love for Texas and would be willing to listen. I would then go for North Carolina and Virginia Tech.

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