Conference expansion all about dollars

AP: “This is all about dollars,” said Gary Sherrer, vice chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents. “Frankly, I think some of those institutions should be embarrassed that that is the message they are delivering. It says we’ll do anything for a buck, and when you send that message to the students, why are we surprised that they do things that we don’t approve of to get a buck.”

So if this Big 12 big bang goes through, what happens to the forgotten four? (read the entire AP report on the Big XII situation below)

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Sherrer is 100% dead nuts on. The Big 10 with their odd 11, started all this shit. Sure they need 12 to have a championship game, but even as they are now, they are already the richest conference bringing in 250 million a year. Instead of looking for 1 good team so they can have a championship game and bring in another 20 million, they want more – much more. When is enough e-fucking-nuff? The NCAA, the conferences, the schools, all tell the poor kid from the projects, “Don’t you dare take that fishing trip, don’t you dare take that laptop, don’t you dare checkout those extra textbooks for your girlfriend. You can’t have that 100 – 500 dollars. It’s against the rules. You will be suspended and could get the school sanctions which could cost them 10’s of millions of dollars.”. Then these same sanctimonious, filthy rich bastards go out and do hostile raids on each other, all in the name of money. I thought athletics were about fun and entertainment; not about corporate dividends. Fuck the greedy SOB’s! RTR!

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