Saban starting to look like Bryant in another way

In his day, no one dominated college football like Bear Bryant.  He altered the game.  Around him, his opponents had to change in order to compensate and compete with him.

He motivated young men to accomplish more than they thought they could.  He strove for nothing short of excellence.  He won championships.

He created a superior product in a state that the country had forgotten, and his very presence created a storm of attention no matter where he went.

So are we still talking about Bear Bryant, or is it Nick Saban?

The similarities between the two leaders are pretty astounding.  Though Coach Saban still has some hills to climb to surpass Bryant, it’s clear that the path is fairly level.  Alabama is a place where you can dominate, and there’s nothing Nick Saban enjoys more than dominating.

Now Coach Saban is beginning to take on the appearance of Bryant in another way:  Disciples turning into successful coaches.  In a recent article, Marc Weiszer illustrates the number of coaches who have learned from Saban and moved on to areas of influence.

Bryant’s mark also included former players moving on to become great head coaches; as Saban’s career continues to develop this too will come.  But there’s no doubt the mark he’s left on others has been a commitment to excellence.

Names like Muschamp, Fisher and Dooley will influence college football for years to come.  Grantham and Smart will do the same a little later.

Possibly the best news for Bama fans came from the coach himself:

“It’s always a difficult decision to leave any place, and it is a decision I am never going to make again,” Saban said when asked about coaches moving from one job to another. “I am where I am. If they get a football team at Lake Burton, I might go there. Otherwise, I am where I am.”

Coach Saban’s influence on his University, his team, his coaches and his rivals will be felt for years to come.  And with that tenure will be his impact on more names you’ll recognize for years to come as well.


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  1. 1

    Great news bammers…Saban says he’s never leaving!! “It’s always a difficult decision to leave any place, and it is a decision I am never going to make again…I am where I am.” Heck, those are almost as forceful as “I’m never going to be the Alabama coach.” You have to believe him, right??

  2. 3

    Julio – tell me what Mountain is there to climb for Saban ?
    It is obvious it is not the NFL.
    Let’s just tip our hats that somebody has found what they Love and are Happy.
    I’m still seeking – alas.
    Hmmm. These Powerball Numbers are looking good – as usual.

  3. 4
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Don’t worry your little numbnuts ass about it. Nicky wants to make his place in history alongside of Bear. And he can’t do that anywhere but at Alabama. Other super teams had their great coaches ie: Michigan-Shembechler, USC-McKay, Ohio St.-Hayes, Texas-Royal, Oklahoma-Wilkenson, Nebraska-Osborn, Penn St.-Paterno, Florida St.-Bowden, Florida-Spurrier, Tennessee-Neyland, Notre Dame-Rockne and Parsigian. But not a one of them could hold a candle to Bear. So to fulfill his desire to make his mark, Saban has to do where the King did it. And you other bastards will just have to suffer. Oh and by the way the Barnies barely beat a bad Jax St. and the snooty Corndogs nearly had their asses handed to em by Cal-Irvine. Haw haw! Way to go Bama. Beat the Jackets! RTR!

  4. 5

    Saban is a modern day Bear so history will show that AU had nothing to be ashamed about except themselves.

  5. 6

    john wooden died yesterday. the coach bryant of basketball.

    if you listen to the former players and other coaches you hear the same narrative:

    practice, practice, practice.

    attention to detail. (sweat the small stuff)

    thinking out of the envelope. great people in history always tested the boundaries.

    they all made profound impacts on those around them.

    john wooden did it.

    coach bryant did it.

    coach saban does it.

    roll tide.

  6. 7
    Kevin Scarbinsky

    and in an almost scary sililarity…..
    Gene Chizik parallels both Bryant and Saban…….

  7. 8

    Only difference….They won. Come back when Chizik or Auburn actually wins something (and I’m not talking about the occasional Iron Bowl).

  8. 11

    well one things for sure.there arent any mountains on the plains. just one big ass shit covered piss soaked cow pasture!

  9. 12

    hey great article. there is a decent new blog called Cappy did u start this or was it Shane.

  10. 13
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Oh Julieta. There’$ plenty of dollar’$ in the Bama coffer’$ to match any offer if it came to that. Which it won’t dumba$$. $aban took a cut in $alary to leave the Dolphin$ for Bama. Hi$ dream i$ the per$uit of excellence and a place in hi$tory along$ide of Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi and Alonzo $tagg. A$ previou$ly $tated, other $chool$ have tried and none reached the pinacle attained by Bear at Bama. $o Julieta, exactly where do you think CN$ would go, you retarded pig humper? RTR!

  11. 14

    the albraums worst nightmare is slowly but surely becoming more and more undeniable, I would guess they have to endure about 10 years, 4 or so SEC championships and 2 more ncs before before CNS tires of whipping their ass and retires, you tennesse and lsu losers have whats coming to you as well RTR!!!

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