The Aycock story won’t go away

That darn Tampa Bay Tribune is at it again.

According to some, when we first reported a discrepancy surrounding Dontae Aycock’s dismissal from the Auburn football team, many went to great lengths to discredit the story.

Eleven days later, much to the chagrin of some, the story surfaced in Tampa again:

“Auburn announced his departure as a dismissal for an unspecified violation of team rules, but Aycock said he isn’t aware of him breaking any rules. He said he went to coaches and asked if he could transfer out of the program.”

Aycock said he isn’t aware of breaking team rules, yet was dismissed for breaking team rules?  Somebody is covering something up.  Why would a player be dismissed when he doesn’t know of any rules he has broken?  Just for asking for a transfer?  More information is wanted.

Also interestingly…

“In his short time at Auburn, he said he never felt like he fit in with the Tigers.

‘I just didn’t like the atmosphere,” he said. “I don’t know if it was just me being homesick, but It didn’t seem like I fit well there.'”

What???  In the Fambly paradise, he didn’t like the atmosphere?  Abarn wasn’t the home away from home?  A student athlete’s utopia?

And in a shocking development, we still have not heard a peep from the Birmingham News on anything surrounding this situation beyond the press release the athletic department faxed them.  Absolutely shocking.

Aycock was a coveted recruit last year, rated as a four-star prospect by (No. 16 RB in nation) and a three-star by  I wonder how many coveted recruits the Tigers will show the door next season once they sign up to live in this “atmosphere” and discover they’ve been sold a bag of rotten goods?