Thank God for Paul Finebaum

Paul Finebaum used his radio show to ridicule Rita Rodriguez, and that saved the Alabama Crimson Tide from the fate of having the failure known as Rich Rodriguez as coach. But his contribution to the state of Alabama was only beginning. Thankfully, Paul Finebaum exposed Tim James as the anti-Alabama, anti-Nick Saban, socialist candidate for governor.

If these incomplete election returns hold, the socialist candidate James will not make the runoff. (For definition purposes, a socialist has a political philosophy that punishes the successful and rewards the incompetent; hence, why James fits. He wants to punish successful Alabama and reward incompetent Auburn.) In the runoff will be Bradley Byrne, the heroic fighter against the shady AEA, and Dr. Robert Bentley, the underdog candidate that surged late in the campaign with a focus on conservative issues. Tim James’ bid appears to have failed due to his anti-Nick Saban campaign platform.

Both Bentley and Byrne appeared on Finebaum’s radio show. It clearly helped Bentley’s campaign. Bentley’s surge prevented the anti-Alabama candidate from making the runoff—if these numbers hold. This is another reason to thank Finebaum.

An Alabama without the socialist ranting of an AEA stooge in the GOP runoff is a good thing for this state. Thanks to Paul Finebaum for saving Alabama! Again!