Am I getting old? I don’t want 3D

Comcast and DirecTV have announced they will carry the ESPN 3D channel. You can read the AP story about it embedded below.

But I have no intention of buying a 3D television, or wearing those idiotic glasses. I remember in the 1970s that 3D was the fad. You could wear those stupid glasses that just made things look weird and gave you a headache.

No thanks. I love my HD channels on DirecTV. I love NFL Sunday Ticket. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I see no reason to revisit 1950s and 1970s fads for my entertainment.


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    Yea , that’s all I need, things coming at me as Ii am so relaxed perched on my recliner. I don’t even like getting up for beer and now I need the sensation of footballs being thrown at my head…no thanks.

  2. 2

    No, your not getting old. It’s sad that this 3D crap has gotten THIS far; it’s just big companies trying to get more money out of DEPRESSION ERA, yeah I said it, folks who perhaps JUST spent their OBAMABUCKS on a new HDTV. And out of those 60%, 30% ACTUALLY have an HD SOURCE other than an outdoor “ANTANNA”

  3. 5

    I’m all for it when I won’t be in T-town for the games. Anything to get me closer to Father Saban.

    I will watch the iron bowl in just HD, however. Trooper going hysterical and swinging his towel around after a two yard gain will be quite annoying in 3D.

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