The Bham News drops another edition

Editorial Cartoon: Dropping another edition

We at Capstone Report strongly encourage you to consider your choices when it comes to where you get your news…specifically, your sports news…in our fair state.

If you enjoy reading that a football program who has yet to play a game, led by a coach who is a perennial loser somehow holds all the cards from the 2009 national champions and Nick Saban, go right ahead.

If you like reading Abarn beat writers (slobber bibs firmly tied in place) blathering and spinning about possibly the most over publicized (locally) and  irrelevant program in the country, be our guest.

And if you trust an outlet with an openly biased Abarn alumnus at the top of its heap, then hey, it’s your fifty cents (or click, whatever the case may be).

Wade through their droppings all you like.

But if you want truth and logic, might we suggest  the Tuscaloosa News at, as well as (of course)

The rest, well, is just a load of crap.