BREAKING: Region reverses; now uncommitted

Spencer Region is no longer committed to play college football for the Auburn Tigers.

According to the Cullman Times, “I’m back to undecided,” Region said in a text message. “I’m back to undecided to make sure about things and evaluate everything a little more. …(My decision) has nothing to do with Auburn or their coaching staff. I just want to make sure that I make the best decision and explore every option out there.”

The big news isn’t that Region changed his mind. But that he realized that Auburn’s offense is a joke.

“I’m not sure that Auburn’s offense is the right fit for me,” he told the Cullman Times. “They like to pull a lot and get guys out in space, and I feel like I’m more of a pro-style lineman. Right now I’m going to take a step back, take a little more time and make sure I make the best decision for me.”

If you want to play in the pros, you won’t go to Auburn. The spread is a horrible training ground for the NFL. Just ask NFL coaches.

This must be viewed as a major blow to Auburn’s recruiting. The Region decommitment on the heels of the Tiger Prowl ban indicates the wheels are coming off the circus-style recruiting on the Plains.


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    “The Process”, Regions now forced to take a grey shirt at THE NATIONAL CHAMPION Crimson Tide!

  2. 6

    bama does not pay players that is a aump thing….and we want him for filler only but he is not worth the trouble – a future cancer at bama

  3. 7

    Dam Bammers!
    Why dont yall leave our recruits alone!
    Regions was just fine and now somebody has done been pumping his head full of flighty ideas about spread defenses and pro-style lineman. He dont need to know about shit like that all he needs to know is that Auburn is the best thing going, and that Bammer cheats!
    We stole him fair and square and yall cant have him back! I would much rather he went to play for the Al Queida Bombers than the Alabama Crimson Tards!!!!
    And oh yeah, Mr Fancy Pants Sportswriter, aint nothing “indicates the wheels are coming off the circus-style recruiting on the Plains” (I cut and pasted that, because I am computer savvy!)
    Our wheels are freshly rotated and full of air and our circus style recruiting is just fine thank you very much!

  4. 8

    So he is the greatest thing since slice bread again ?

    I dont blame the kid. He (and all other kids) need to wait until they take all their visits before committing. Its common sense. They have waaaay too much pressure to give an answer before they have all of their answers.

    I still believe he will end up at AU. The spread arguement is nonsense. I can almost see it when youo talk about a quarterback but not o-lineman.

    Ask yourself this: Does Ok. run the spread ?

    Who was the #1 pick ?

    How many lineman did they have that were drafted ?

    At least two of AUs lineman (more like three) will get drafted this year.

    Yall are pathetic.

  5. 9

    It’s not about the spread. It’s about Region’s ability to move his feet ( and move them QUICKLY.). He knows his limitations.

  6. 10

    I really don’t think he will end up at Alabama. After the last minute switch, not sure if he would be welcomed by Saban and company. Now that he has decommitted, not sure he would be welcomed by Chizik (could be wrong). I think he’ll head out of state.

  7. 11

    Not so….Chiz is not like the mini Nepolean control freak across the state. He probably actually understands the kids decision.

  8. 12


  9. 13
    Bama Fan in NYC


    It’s not that he “understands the kid’s decision” it’s he’ll take what he can get whereas Saban can take a guy rated lower than Regions (whom A-barn promised more than just playing time) and coach him up.

    And you can call Saban what you please, but that’s why he is a 2 time national championship winning coach while Cheez-whiz STILL HAS AN OVERALL LOSING RECORD.

    Sucks to know he’s not your coach and when Gus leaves A-barn, you guys are going to be in a SERIOUS world of hurt! Instead of paying these players, perhaps you guys should up his salary, just to prevent him from leaving in the forthcoming future.

    Got Saban? 13-24!!

  10. 14

    Fist of all Malzahn is a high school school coach. We did fine before. Well do fine after. As long as Chiz stays puts I dont care who leaves. That Regions kid is a big fat 3 star slob and flaky as hell. Dismukes on the other hand is all that. BTW hes already told Jeffrey Lee hes not leaving AU. His mom will make sure he stays put. Lets fat Regions go to bammer. bammer is good at recruiting big fat slobs look at cody. gross

  11. 15

    BTW you ready to get your asses handed to you by the Gators tonight? In one split sec you can get left out of the sec tournament. GL with that and praying your brains out.

  12. 17

    Mandi, (or is it Mandy on some of your older posts you spelled it with a Y.)
    I was just wondering, what are you doing on Saturday night.
    I know its late to be asking, but there is a really good movie on down at the Bijou and a little late night fine cuisine at Waffle house. I know.. I know… you aint used to being wined and dined like that on the first date. But we are both Auburn fans so money is no object. I will meet you at the truck stop around 7:35ish I will be the one with the 1986 ford truck that has the sticker “Punt Bama Punt!”
    You are one lucky girl.

  13. 18

    Gators beat that ass last night. Another beating is ccming today.GL with that. Nothing like cheating bammer trash getting there asses handed to em at there own place to boot. You are all

  14. 19

    According to friends in Cullman who have kids at Cullman High, Region has been telling them for weeks he’s going to Texas now. The kid sounds like a bit of a head case. Auburn hasn’t counted on him actually signing for quite a while. You can see that in the efforts they’ve continued to make in recruiting OL.

  15. 20

    Guess who went out and got lucky last night… yep thats right. yours truley.
    and i aint one to kiss and tell but her name sounds a whole lot like mandi (or is it Mandy?)
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  16. 22

    yeah I would guess 3 and 5 in the SEC would be probably about ninth place, if it’s good enough for you mandi it’s good enough for me

  17. 23

    You tell the demonic soul-less inbred depraved bammer hordes mani (mandy?) honey.
    Big Papa will be picking you up in his love machine tonight at the same time.
    Papa LIKEY!

  18. 24
    alex hamilton

    In case you missed it Mandi, in the sport that actually MATTERS, Alabama defeated the #1 ranked and annointed ones in December of 2009 to win the SEC Championship.

    Shut your mouth woman and get back in that kitchen.

  19. 25

    I am not one of these idiots that changes his mind when a kid changes his mind. Hes a kid ….Kids are not exactly centered when facing decisions this large.

    I personally want Regions to re-commmitt to AU. He is a very good o-line prospect. Anyone saying anyhting to the contrary is chawin on some sour grapes. I hope he comes back.

    That being said, he could use more tact in his media babblings. But maybe the kid likes the limelight. Who knows.

    Mandi. Go fix us a sandwich.

  20. 26

    Fellers!!! Fellers!!! Don go out with Mandi(Mandy?) There is a reason why her name is MAN-di, (Or is is MAN-dy) Hell who cares. I will tell you straight up in case yall didnt know it. I made it almost all the way to home plate tonight and MAN-di, (MAN-dy?) has a bigger wang than most of yall do. (I got plenty thank you.)

  21. 29

    Hey bammer trash. You ready to get your asses handed to you again this wkend vs ole piss? You are all idiots.

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