Alabama, Saban behind Tiger Prowl ban

The Tiger Prowl Rule is the direct result of the special relationship between Alabama and the NCAA. All those Auburn fans on talk radio and Internet message boards are right—Nick Saban pulled the strings in this case. The University of Alabama and Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban were behind the NCAA’s recent ban on circus-style recruiting.

Doubt that? Then you haven’t been looking at the evidence.

First, everyone knows that Alabama and the NCAA have a special relationship. The NCAA has a history of treating the Crimson Tide like a sacred cow. Just look at the minor punishment handed down against the Crimson Tide over the latest serious rule violations—you remember where students got extra textbooks! This was obvious bias! Just look at how delicately the NCAA Committee on Infractions treated the Crimson Tide! It is criminal how close Alabama has become with the NCAA and its enforcement arm!

But the connections don’t end there.

The NCAA took action against Auburn’s Tiger Prowl once Nick Saban’s friend was named president of the NCAA! Sure the guy’s term doesn’t start until November 1, but Mark Emmert’s close friendship with Alabama coach Nick Saban surely influenced the NCAA legislation!

And don’t forget the close relationship between the SEC and Alabama and the anti-Auburn bias of the SEC!

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide have been unduly favored by the SEC. Whether it is officials not calling penalties or the close relationship between Mike Slive and Alabama, the SEC is in Alabama’s pocket. If you doubt that then how do you explain the complex and sophisticated plan whereby Alabama’s last six conference opponents in 2010 all have a bye week? Then at the last moment in sinister fashion, the SEC decides to adjust the schedules! This is clearly an attempt to throw SEC teams into disarray before the season begins—to prevent them from knowing when they will play important games. There has never been a more calculated attempt to favor Alabama than the way the 2010 football schedule was arranged. But the special connection between the SEC and Alabama goes beyond the schedule issue. Anyone remember how the SEC added punishment to Auburn and Trooper Taylor over Big Cat Weekend? If that isn’t evidence of anti-Auburn bias then what is? Sure Trooper and Auburn were cheating, but everyone knows Alabama cheats more and why hasn’t the SEC done anything to punish Alabama? Hmmm?

And then there is the campaign run by Alabama itself!

Mal Moore is like Ronald Reagan—the mastermind of Iran-Contra. Reagan was the evil genius behind selling arms to Iran and then sending the profits to fund the Contra’s fight against communism in Nicaragua. No detail passed the old president. He managed every dime through a complex series of intermediary banks. Mal Moore has undertaken a similar process in Alabama’s war against Auburn. In concert with his Red Elephant Club operatives, Moore has worked to thwart Auburn’s resurgence by any means necessary. Nothing misses Moore’s eye. He micromanaged the dirty tricks campaign in recruiting. Moore’s fingerprints were all over the NCAA decision. His close relationship with NCAA enforcement staff sealed the deal. According to some familiar with the NCAA, some people at NCAA headquarters know Moore very well. Apparently, spending all that time before the Infractions Committee created contacts for just this purpose!

Some Alabama fans might point out that Nick Saban and Alabama just won the SEC Championship and the National Championship—they have no need to worry over what some second-rate program does. Some Alabama fans might point out that it was the Big East who promoted the Tiger Prowl ban. But those fans are missing the big picture.


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    And Mal Moore was also behind the faking of the moon landing; spotted on the grassy Knoll in Dallas; and was part of the 9/11 inside job; and last but not least was part of the cover-up of the alien landing of area 51.

  2. 7

    Well CNS had to do something about it because he’s so scared of chiznik, I mean look at his impressive record of winning big games in big situations, nobody is better than the chiz, and what about finally getting a single competitive recruiting class, decent class in Febuary= BCS NC in January right? Besides that what in the world would CNS and the Bama team know about winning championships. No doubt about it Bama is scared of the barn, and if you dont believe me just ask any any awbrumnite they’ll tell you.

  3. 9
    Kevin Scarbinsky

    Yes the evidence is just to much to ignore.
    In my honest and humble opinion, I think that Gen Chizik has nick Saban running scared.
    It has been proven time and again through substantial facts that Chizik is ying to Saban’s Yang. And that with the super team of assistant coaches at Auburn, Chizik will have a meteoric rise to the top.
    Dont quote me on this but I have already bought my tickets and booked the room for the SEC Chapmionship game.

  4. 13

    The Tiger Prowls is simply a diversion. Nothing more or nothing less… you have to use gimmicks in order to cover up how a head coach with an overall losing record, who just so happens to be coaching at a school whose trophy case is bare and whose only tradition consists of throwing toilet paper in a tree and the march from trailer park lots to “the jungle”, is oddly hanging with the top tier universities and prime time coaches in recruiting.

    And driving a tour bus around the state isn’t enough to wow a prospect… but a few thousand dollars and a brand new corvette is. 😉

  5. 14


    Ranked 2nd in all time NCAA infractions…

    The first and only school to nearly lose their academic accreditation due to cheating…

    Free Sociology Class Credits…


    The Tuberville screw job…

    And the cheating currently taking place right now… don’t deny it because anyone with more than half a brain could tell you that a loser coach at the helm of a loser program isn’t pulling in recruits by pitching the word “family” and driving a tour bus around the state. The guy has absolutely NO head coaching credentials, just like the barn absolutely has NO hardware in their trophy case, besides a six straight Iron Bowl trophies, the same amount of conference titles as Georgia Tech had (and they left the SEC around the same time the barn won their last/only AP title), and of course 1 AP title won before even the parents of those prospects were born. And for the love of all that is holy, TROY STATE HAD MORE DRAFT PICKS THAN THE BARN DID! In addition, your school is the barn university located in the middle of nowhere, AL… again, a barn university located in the middle of nowhere, AL… So what does this guy have to show for, for both himself and the program he leads, and heck, even the university and its surroundings? Cash? Corvettes? Exactly…

  6. 15


  7. 16

    Carnival Act.
    Would Nick EVER do this Shit ?
    Answer – Hell No.
    Answer – Home Boys just love this Flash and Glitz .
    Like Bullshit or do you like Reality ?
    ANSWER – Fucking Crystal Homies.

  8. 17

    Scarbo are you subject to drugscreens at work? Do you have a back up plan in case you “forget to study for a test”? Not only is CNS in full control of this state, he is at the very top of the food chain in the most competitive conference in the nation. I have asked this question of you before only to get some kind of around the way “I dont want to get into it here” bull, but what exactly has chiz whiz and company done to impress you so, this is the same coaching staff that went 3-5 in the SEC this past year right? The malzahn offense is a gimmick, the defense looks like a rader offense in the fact there are zero fundamentals e.g. tackling. I just wonder if you are going to admit to this absurdity on the night of black Friday when CNS and crew are packing their bags for Atl. and cheez whiz is hauling whats left of his team back to lee county

  9. 18

    the cycle – hype – lose – hype kodi – lose – hype malzahn – lose – hype kodi II – stink up spring game – hype kodi II some mo –

  10. 19
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    What I want to know is where did all the old Bama posters go? Since the NC game not a single one who followed all last year except for ITK, Pluto and me have posted here. Sure I appreciate the new Bama posters, but there is something lacking in the quality of the posts, especially when it comes to downright ugly talk. And why in hell isn’t Shane on here anymore? He was always good for 75 or so posts and probably 500 to 1000 hits on every one of his threads. Lately I feel like I’m in a Bizzaro world on here. RTR!

  11. 20

    Shane and Hunter got too big for their Britches and started up another Blog.
    It is unremarkable.
    But hell – the Porch Light is always on for the wayward……

  12. 21

    Cheating bammer trash soooo jealous. You can see whats coming cant you? Watch these morons get all up in our beeswax Big Cat wkend trying to meddle. BTW Dont be surprised if we win the sec baseball tournament. Bammer trash are worthless.

  13. 23
    Tina Smith

    Kevin Scarbinsky is an idiot and writes like one too! He should pay us to read his articles. He wouldn’t know a real football coach, if one walked up and slapped him right in the face. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

  14. 24

    u stupid ignorant slut, the classy bama champions with 22 conference championships do not covet the au @ manure pile vermin trash’s 5.

  15. 25

    u stupid ignorant slut, Bama class’s 9 wins in the sec do not covet the au manure pile’s 3.

  16. 26

    U stupid IGNORANT slut.Bama class with Saban’s pristine recruiting does not covet the blatant pay for play system dye and cronies have in place that they got busted for in the 80s and 90s.

  17. 27

    There is not enought GOLD or PLATINUM in the universe to equate in value one Bama fan with rings galore.

  18. 28

    au mp is repugnant…moral victories are repugnant to a true champion like pedophiles are to any decent human being.repugnant.

  19. 30
    Kevin Scarbinsky

    Pluto, are you saying I am a caricature of a columnist…
    That is funny on so many levels…..LMAO!!!

  20. 31

    Leave it to that souless bastard Saban to try and distort something as pure and beautiful as the Tiger Prowl.

    Bamzos, ya’ll do realize that you will go to heel for following that spawn of $atan.
    If I was ya’ll ( and thankfully I aint ya’ll) i would be plumb ashamed of myself for steaming all of those books from your library. Well at least the NCAA noticed that.
    I mean, seriously, what kind of a world do we live in when college students are trying to take books from their own library.
    Tacky…. Classless Bammers. Yall make the whole state a laughinstock doing stupd shit and saying stupid things.

  21. 33

    Why am I not suprised that awbrumtiggerfan is glad he “ain’t ya’ll”?
    I mean think about it, is there any awbrumnite who can relate to being the national champions? Sure there are some around who remember *’57, but between a 12 pack of pabst blue ribbon and a pack or marlboros everyday for lunch attrition has taken it’s toll. Then there is the more recent ’04 progressive farmer national championship but who really cares about that crap? The bottom line is awbrums dont want to be Bama, they seek justification by beating Bama. Bama wants championships, the barn wants iron bowl wins. Dont believe what I’m saying barneroids? Then answer this, why else would you elect to go through an 11 week stretch only to take your bye the week before the last game of the year? The answer is clear enough for even you to see!

  22. 34

    bingo^.if they don’t want any conference and national championships they are doing a helluva job not getting any.

  23. 35

    Hammah….Wire….Whatever…..Please pick a name and stick with it.

    Its painfuilly obvious that your one and the same. It only makes you seem……well, psycho…When you witch up like you do. Do you have some sort of multiple personality / name disorder ?

  24. 36

    BPI, good comeback to the argument. You basically admitted that Yellowhammer is right, because you did not have some made up fact to throw back at him. Auburn -> argues with pretend facts and hopes some moron will believe it.

    Alabama -> just the facts.

  25. 37

    Nick Saban is a dirty recruiter. He knows it, (most)Bama fans know it, and certainly the Red Elephant Club knows it. Allegedly, when Tuberville called him in Jan ’07 and asked “what are you doing here”, Nick coldly and calculatingly replied, “I am paid to win games at Alabama, and I intend to do everything it takes to do just that”. The REC does his bidding. If a player’s mom needs a job, the REC sees she gets it. If a HS coach needs new weight equipment, REC sees he gets it, and so on and so forth. Bama wants to win at all cost and rules be damned. You know it, I know it, the recruits know it, their families know it, the administrators of the Saban academic scholarship know it, the coaches in dirty programs like Hoover, and Pratville, and Gasden, and Mobile know it. Doesn’t mean he’ll ever get caught, just means he knows it, and you do to. The Bama nation does not care about anything but winning, no matter what the cost…and so it goes.

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