Alabama, Saban behind Tiger Prowl ban

The Tiger Prowl Rule is the direct result of the special relationship between Alabama and the NCAA. All those Auburn fans on talk radio and Internet message boards are right—Nick Saban pulled the strings in this case. The University of Alabama and Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban were behind the NCAA’s recent ban on circus-style recruiting.

Doubt that? Then you haven’t been looking at the evidence.

First, everyone knows that Alabama and the NCAA have a special relationship. The NCAA has a history of treating the Crimson Tide like a sacred cow. Just look at the minor punishment handed down against the Crimson Tide over the latest serious rule violations—you remember where students got extra textbooks! This was obvious bias! Just look at how delicately the NCAA Committee on Infractions treated the Crimson Tide! It is criminal how close Alabama has become with the NCAA and its enforcement arm!

But the connections don’t end there.

The NCAA took action against Auburn’s Tiger Prowl once Nick Saban’s friend was named president of the NCAA! Sure the guy’s term doesn’t start until November 1, but Mark Emmert’s close friendship with Alabama coach Nick Saban surely influenced the NCAA legislation!

And don’t forget the close relationship between the SEC and Alabama and the anti-Auburn bias of the SEC!

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide have been unduly favored by the SEC. Whether it is officials not calling penalties or the close relationship between Mike Slive and Alabama, the SEC is in Alabama’s pocket. If you doubt that then how do you explain the complex and sophisticated plan whereby Alabama’s last six conference opponents in 2010 all have a bye week? Then at the last moment in sinister fashion, the SEC decides to adjust the schedules! This is clearly an attempt to throw SEC teams into disarray before the season begins—to prevent them from knowing when they will play important games. There has never been a more calculated attempt to favor Alabama than the way the 2010 football schedule was arranged. But the special connection between the SEC and Alabama goes beyond the schedule issue. Anyone remember how the SEC added punishment to Auburn and Trooper Taylor over Big Cat Weekend? If that isn’t evidence of anti-Auburn bias then what is? Sure Trooper and Auburn were cheating, but everyone knows Alabama cheats more and why hasn’t the SEC done anything to punish Alabama? Hmmm?

And then there is the campaign run by Alabama itself!

Mal Moore is like Ronald Reagan—the mastermind of Iran-Contra. Reagan was the evil genius behind selling arms to Iran and then sending the profits to fund the Contra’s fight against communism in Nicaragua. No detail passed the old president. He managed every dime through a complex series of intermediary banks. Mal Moore has undertaken a similar process in Alabama’s war against Auburn. In concert with his Red Elephant Club operatives, Moore has worked to thwart Auburn’s resurgence by any means necessary. Nothing misses Moore’s eye. He micromanaged the dirty tricks campaign in recruiting. Moore’s fingerprints were all over the NCAA decision. His close relationship with NCAA enforcement staff sealed the deal. According to some familiar with the NCAA, some people at NCAA headquarters know Moore very well. Apparently, spending all that time before the Infractions Committee created contacts for just this purpose!

Some Alabama fans might point out that Nick Saban and Alabama just won the SEC Championship and the National Championship—they have no need to worry over what some second-rate program does. Some Alabama fans might point out that it was the Big East who promoted the Tiger Prowl ban. But those fans are missing the big picture.