Kerfuffle over SEC scheduling

Team Speed Kills is in a kerfuffle with Roll Bama Roll and 3SIB over the SEC schedule and the patently unfair nature of the present league setup whereby the Alabama Crimson Tide faces six straight conference teams coming off a bye.

Cocknfire over at Team Speed Kills opines, “If your team’s so great, what are you so worried about? Just play the games as they’re scheduled, and shut up.”

The rebuttals at RBR and 3SIB examine this nicely. However, this was the part of most irritation to me. Cocknfire writes, “Alabama fans are getting incredibly defensive about the simple facts, which are: The entire SEC schedule is being thrown into doubt by THEIR school’s whining about the fact that the Tide will play so many games against teams who have a bye the previous week.”

Wrong. It isn’t just Alabama fans.

The point Cocknfire misses is this: SEC athletic directors agreed this is unfair and should be addressed. The SEC office followed the instructions of its member institutions; to claim that Mike Slive and the conference office are pro-Alabama is beyond paranoid. The administrators around the SEC— at even rival schools—should equally share the venom directed at SEC administrators and Alabama fans. To wit this quote, “There was definitely a consensus among the athletic directors that it was out of sync,” Bloom said in the Tuscaloosa News.

A consensus does not sound like only Alabama fans were concerned by this.

The facts in this case are clear. This setup is inequitable. Everyone sees that including rival administrators. The only people who cannot see it are rival fans.

This is not shocking at all. Sad. But not shocking.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    You stupid jealous, scared shitless bastards don’t know the meaning of whining. You whine about everything Bama does. Example: whining about ref and SEC favoritism because Bama probably set an all universe record by not getting an offensive holding call in the last 8 games of the season. Never mind that Florida was the SEC’s #1 ranked darling in Atlanta, and there were no SEC refs in Pasadena. Wanna hear whining shitheads? Just let your team have a schedule as unfair as Bamas and listen to yourselves. Ohh, thats right. I forgot. Your fucking teams have hell just winning half their games anyway. So a fucked up schedule wouldn’t really make any difference would it? LMFAO! If it was just a one time oversight then you might have a point. But over the past 4 years Bamas had 3 times as many bye weeks against them as any other SEC team. That’s just plain bullshit dude. But that’s allright. We’ll kick your asses anyway. Let’s see 24 straight SEC wins and counting! RTR!

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