Does McClain have Chron’s disease?

According to twitter and a few email tips (thanks Michael), Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Rolando McClain does not have Chron’s disease. According to Doug Farrar’s twitter, “Charley Casserly on NFL NET says that Rolando McClain does not have Chron’s Disease. That’s a new report, as far as I know.”

Others who heard the report said the “Path to the Draft” show on NFL Network reported that members of McClain’s family had the disease, but not the standout Alabama football player.

Ian Rapoport summed up the response to this report the best. From his twitter, “Um… so Rolando McClain is lying about himself?”


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    What kind of non-sense is this? Why did he fall to his knees like he got “sucker-punched” in the jewels? Why did he say he had meds for the disease?

    Oh sweet mother, This is getting as out of hand as Trooper waving a towel…

  2. 2
    Alex Hamilton

    Who gives a fuck what Ian “I’m a badass because I call coaches by their first name” Rapoport thinks?

    The best thing that happened to Alabama Football fans before the 2010 season was the return of Don Kausler. Ian is a fucking punk. Kausler makes me almost want to read the News. Notice I said, “ALMOST”.

    Thankfully, I don’t live in Boston.

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    I think Ian was simply expressing the same reaction most anyone had to that report—that the guy didn’t know what he was talking about since Rolando McClain had spoken about the issue.

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