AP: RAMMER JAMMER BULLDOG HAMMER: Butler guard Ronald Nored grew up in Alabama and remains a die-hard Crimson Tide football fan.

And he understands that this type of title-game pairing, against a powerhouse like Duke, would be virtually impossible in college football because of the Bowl Championship Series process.

“I think this is what makes college basketball great — we can recruit guys and we can get guys just like any other university,” Nored said. “We can compete with guys just like any other university. I think it’s tough in football just because of the size and the physicalness and the skill can be such a difference between a team like Alabama and another team.

“In saying that, Alabama got beat by Louisiana-Lafayette two years ago,” he added. “And I almost cried.” (read more from the AP story on the Final Four below)


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  1. 1

    Dickie V sez no way, NO WAY Butler beats his dookies.

    It just can’t happen.

    Utah can’t beat Alabama.

    Boise can’t beat Oklahoma.

    No way.

  2. 3

    Only a student at a school like Butler would say that basketball is a better sport than football. They think that way at UK, too. I bet Coach K also thinks basketball is better.

    There is not a sport better than football, and it is not played better than at the University of Alabama.

  3. 4

    And Utah can only beat an uninspired Bama team with a large contingent of Shula leftovers on it. Utah was thanking their lucky stars they didn’t draw Bama in a game this year!

  4. 5

    Pete, arrogance doesn’t look good on you, bud.

    I’ll be a fan of Bama all my life but anybody who says the bcs is in the same universe as march madness is blind to the truth or just hates basketball.

    And don’t fool yourself about mid major football either. They WANT us anytime, anywhere.

    We are now the hunted, the target, the prey.

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